Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration: August 2013

Onto the bottom end of the year.

3 1/2 months until Christmas. Just sayin'

This month's inspiration via the world of Pinterest

The Farmhouse Porch: Rustic and Simple Autumn Entryway 

a simple fall entryway perfect for the coming season


a great farmhouse tour was with this lovely kitchen

Living Vintage Kim's Kitchen Makeover (5) 

i enjoy the industrial vintagey-ness of this kitchen and the green farmhouse lights

Shabby Chic Kitchen 

Beautiful Centerpiece for your Fall garden table. Learn how to create your own at 

If I replace the barrel  

i really love this french island and could consider this with useful storage if we were to replace our barrel

 Shed Makeover by The Wood Grain Cottage

this was a really great shed makeover at the wood grain cottage. simple and country

Now head my warning and advice with this.
If you have ever dragged your significant other into ridiculous situations buying things from Kijiji or Craigslist, if they give you the "you're on my dig you under the tomato patch so they'll grow better next year look", or if they for some reason start telling the "do you remember the time we had to carry the 300lb armoire down the steps of an apartment and almost died or the time we almost got knifed by the eerie toothless smokers" stories then this next pin is for you.

I didn't actually find this through Pinterest but have now added it to my board and have spent a ridiculous amount of my non-existent free time reading through the absolutely hilarious blog that is Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
I swear I am in love. Her writing style brings tears to my eyes with such a splendid dry sense of humour.

Antique Victorian mirror on craigslist.

Have a wonderful laugh filled weekend everyone,


Thursday, August 29, 2013

More graphite.... I am becoming obsessed

You know it is starting to be fall when all you see on Pinterest is Christmas stuff.
I was walking in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and almost had a friggin' stroke when I saw all of the balls, wreaths and ornaments lined up. Now, I understand crafters need a head start on the season and I am an avid lover of all things Christmasy but it still gave me an almost aneurism seeing it at the beginning of August.

I also notice it starting to be fall when my once loved white interior with tons of green is starting to call out for black, greys and loads of gingham and plaid.

I have been showing a super amount of furniture lately but never fear my home will be undergoing its seasonal transformation soon in between work, prepping for the show, cleaning, cutting the grass and chasing snakes.

I am also stuck in an ongoing debate of new lights for our upstairs hallway that more suit our eclectic industrial vintage vibe.

Today we have more Annie Sloan Graphite furniture to share,
These tables were not particularly old but had a very nice simple shape to them that I am sure will appeal to someone out there

plus a great opportunity to showcase 1 of those new flashy signs i got last weekend

During: another view of graphite 
Right side: no wax
Left side: clear waxed and a lot of dark wax

BEFORE: sceeratched!

Have a great Thursday everyone,

Are you feeling the fall transformations yet at your house?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A white gentleman's chest

A large before and after today.

This piece is a gentleman's chest with 2 doors and 2 drawers. These pieces are quite versatile with their storage options and I thought it would be great for someone out there.

Trevor (my handy moving man) and I went to pick this up and the guy I had been talking to forgot to mention that he lived in an apartment building with 2 large flights of stairs to carry this down (lesson learned, always bring the dolly) and that this piece weighs somewhere around 300 lbs likely. Trevor carried this down with the guy on the bottom and almost killed me once we got in the truck. The other guy insisted on helping him and was smaller than me, so needless to say he didn't help much.

i gave this 2 coats of white primer, then 2 1/2 coats of annie sloan old white mixed with custom made pure white chalk paint (i use plaster of paris for mine)


i kept the original hardware on the drawers as they have a great look now that they are painted and replaced the doors knobs for big clear ones from hobby lobby


i gave it some distressing and love the look of this now with the white finish

eeks, bad hardware on the doors and old oak

The guy said it was destined for the dump or thrift store so another one saved.
This one is actually for sale right now on Kijiji just because of the weight and the probability that moving it during the show may take someone out.
If you are interested, just send me an email.

Have a great day,

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Loot Shoot

Good morning everyone,
Hoping your weekend was beautiful and you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer.
Up with the birds we were on Saturday morning and out to farm country for an epic barn estate sale. Now in our area we either hit it huge or the sale just sucks. There really aren't many in between. We don't have the Cari Cucksey estate sales in our area, people don't line up at 5am (thank god) and there generally isn't any pushing or shoving.

We have mostly hit the sucko of sales this summer so this past Saturday's sale was a welcome change. We had to go back to the truck 4 times and I even had to drag my work gloves out of my purse to dig through piles of junk and through boxes that hadn't been opened in years.

It was fantastic! 

Here is the loot we scored and for the most part will be a part of the show on October 5 (are you planning on coming? did you hit yes on the event page in Facebook? I'm excited to meet you)

 i dragged everything with the exception of some fragile items out to the garden because it's still time to be hanging outside and why not. i previously screened the area for snakes so we were all good.


there were hundreds of broken chairs in the barn and this one was no exception. it was buried in the back under an inch of dirt but i have no intention of sitting on this chair. it will be a part of an art installation for the show. the detail is exquisite.
the red no.1 sign i actually got 2 of and 1 that says no.2. wouldn't these be great in a boys room or in a modern industrial space.
the gold frames were buried in the bottom of boxes in a barn


some fantastic blue and green bottles, ironstone lids, and olive waste baskets


a big industrial tray, a few loving cups and mug style trophies, ironstone plates, crocks


and then a crabby old lady photo bomber sat in the middle of the photo just wondering why on earth some people take pictures of all these inanimate objects when she the loyal house dog is dying for some photo affections. she can be just as exquisite as a stinking gold frame you know


photo bomber bored already

Have a great Monday all,


Thursday, August 22, 2013

You forgot something......

It would appear from these photos that I forgot something today.

What is that I see before my eyes, wood?

That's right everyone, this beauty of a lecture stand was under a pile of clothes in a house where I was picking up a dresser and the lady offered it to me and I jumped at the chance. Once the mountain of bras and shirts (no joke) was removed from it, it came home with us and is staying just like this for the chance to go to someone's home and make a lovely stand in a bathroom, living room, anywhere really.

I don't want Oliver and Rust [the company] to be pigeon holed into the painted furniture lady as I am hoping to be about great vintage finds, home decor and just amazing furniture in general, painted and not. I am a hurdler walking a fine line between wood lover and paint lover and I know there aren't many of us as most people have quite strong feelings about it.
That being said, I have lots more painted furniture to show you lol.

Back to painting and prepping for me today,


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maybe it's a liquor cabinet, maybe it's a sweater closet

I totally meant to show this beauty yesterday but alas my time grew short again.
My day job got a little busy already this week and I painted a little cupboard that needs to be redone because I hate it. Anyone else that paints a lot of furniture or even a little bit of furniture knows sometimes things just don't turn out the way you planned. I made a classic mistake and painted something slightly outside of my comfort zone and it doesn't look at all like I thought in my head and it doesn't represent me at all.
I kept asking Trevor over and over "what do you think?" and we both knew where I was going with that. Back to the drawing board el perfectionista!

I try really hard to abide by the if I wouldn't put it in my home (even in a colour that I normally wouldn't use ) then it is a no go. 

Back to the topic at hand. I won this awesome cabinet in an auction and knew that the dated finish would look amazing with the great details on the doors.
I was bad and forgot a before picture. Sorry about that.

You also get more sneek peeks at some stock for the barn show I dragged up the stairs to style this shoot.

This was done with minimal distressing and my greige mix annie sloan paint and would look great in a dining room or even as an armoire in a bedroom.

Have a great day,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Graphite table

Good morning everyone,

That weekend just whipped on by. Trev and I hit a couple of garage sales Saturday morning and found a few goodies, picked up a couple more dressers, went out for dinner, visited with family and ended it all with the season finale of True Blood. Not a complete vampire addict but I definitely got sucked (haha get it) into this strange show by coworkers.
Team Eric for me people.

A couple more neat redos this week to share

Today is a great little barrel table with a hidden drawer.

I did this table in Annie Sloan graphite and it was actually a tester table of sorts for a bigger project as the photos of graphite out there are all over the place and I couldn't get a read on how the graphite would look. Some photos show it looking grey, some navy blue almost and some deep black. Too much variation for me before jumping into a massive cabinet.

Here is the final product:
I would say it is nice deep charcoal grey.
I painted, clear waxed and then heavily mms antique waxed and then some as dark wax for variation in tones.
This lovely primitive wood chair with rush seat just came home with me into the inventory pile.

 there is a neat hidden drawer in this table and i really debated putting a knob on it but actually like the seamless look of this dark beauty. i noticed later i forgot to take a picture of the inside of this drawer which got a nice helping of paris grey for contrast. you'll just have to use your imagination.


generally a good condition wood table, had a little wobble repair and is now good as new 
you can also catch a glimpse of my herd of crap in the background and one of my newly finished display shelves. it will show up in a future post with a great new product i found.

just for funsies, i thought to snap a photo of this table halfway through waxing the top (just the clear wax phase) to show the difference between plain paint and wax

Have a great Monday all,

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Save the date, Living under a rock, a White end table and 200

So just as the title implies, this post has a lot of goodies to share and it is long.

First up,

There are multiple ways to follow blogs but the one many people still seem to use and count your importance by is Google Friend Connect, although bloglovin' has really grown since the death of google reader.

This blog hit 200 google friend connect followers yesterday. I know that doesn't seem like a lot compared to the huge blogs out there but I have been writing this blog since 2010 and have learned a lot about myself, how I want our home to grow with our relationship/life, photography and what I won't change to fit in with the crowd. I know our home is not for everyone and it is certainly not an all white farmhouse (although I love that look) but those 200 followers seem to have become loyal readers and I just want to thank you all for hanging around and reading about my shenanigans. I have been presented with some awesome opportunities because of this blog and am excited to see what the future holds



The official announcement on this blog for the Oliver and Rust vintage barn show.

Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 10am-5pm in Welland, Ontario (I will post the address when we get a bit closer to the date)

We are hosting our first show full of a huge load of vintage painted furniture (many pieces I have been gradually showing you here), wood antique furniture, handmade decor including pillows in vintage and new fabrics, preserved boxwood and juniper, and a lot of vintage goods like scales, trays, architectural salvage, antlers etc. I am talking a lot. If you are a lover of things old, crusty, pretty, white and just plain interesting I probably have some of it. My collection of ironstone is getting ridiculous.

I have made huge in roads in getting things prepared but there is a lot of stuff to finish including getting our garage to not look so much like a place to park cars but a vintage inspired blog wonderland. Everything is in my head and my loving husband is trying to interpret my vision to create an amazing space for us to not only work but also welcome vintage lovers alike.

I received my post cards for the show and business cards yesterday and am so excited with how they turned out. I took a quick cell phone snap to show you and blotted out the address for now, sorry. I made about 25 different versions of these cards just trying to line up all the writing and getting borders in the proper places before these got sent away. the business cards are front and back so toggling between screens to line everything up was interesting for me.
I purchased these kraft paper cards from Morningprint and they were here in 2 business days. I found out after I placed the order that the factory is actually in Korea which I normally would not have done as I like to try to buy things local but I for the life of me could not find anyone/any company that would print on the kraft paper I wanted and especially not at a ridiculous price point.
It makes me very happy to see these cards in my hand just as a sense of accomplishment that I am getting closer to my goals and especially since I designed these bad boys myself (the logo was purchased and designed by a graphic designer but everything else was me)

Along with saving the date, I have come out from under my social media rock like a lizard and started a Facebook page for Oliver and Rust so check me out and like me. As a non-facebook user it took more effort than running this blog to figure out how to use everything and set it up. Facebook is a whole new animal but I think a necessary one for any business to grow in this day and age especially for people who don't blog or want to read through a blog to find photos and info that they want to know.

My blog posts automatically update there and I add a lot of the furniture photos to the albums to keep them all in one place and a few random photos as well

Next up,

I have another cute piece to show you that started out as you guessed it, a freakin' hot mess. Someone had started stripping the legs and there was a weird ingrained stain on the top.


i primed this table first and then gave it a coat of shellac especially in the previously stripped areas where bare wood was coming through (as i have learned my lesson) and then gave it 1.5 coats of Annie Sloan pure/old white chalk paint with mild distressing as is my norm



the white lamp makes another round and if you will notice the stone urn with greenery.....


don't you just love this provincial furniture in white? it is my favourite. so classy.


back to the urn. that ball of juniper greenery is not just another pretty face. that is preserved greenery, juniper to be exact done by yours truly. there will be quite a bit of it available at the show. juniper and boxwood. what does preserved mean? it means IT WON'T DIE but it is real.
 you just need to mist it every few weeks and don't leave in direct sunlight. i have been a major lover of preserved boxwood for adding a real touch of greenery to your home especially in areas where a real plant cannot survive and have been gradually adding to my collection as they aren't cheap. you have seen them used throughout my home and in these furniture setups and on many other blogs and magazines. i am planning on balls and wreaths at this point for the show.

i thought to try the juniper as it will be fabulous for fall and winter decor

Thanks for sticking with this long wordy post

Have a great weekend all,