Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Sneak Peek to Reveal

We are just hammering right along with our dining room update. We aren't quite finish so you only get a look at this corner right now. The walls have been painted to white. I himmed and hawed, looked at every grey paint chip out there because I was nervous to take the white jump. Every picture I pin practically has white walls, I wanted a lighter room. I finally just went and bought the paint and followed my gut. I LOVE IT! More on that later though. Today we look at our new old china cabinet. Instagram followers got more of a peek when I was doing the changeover from our old cabinet to this one.
I found this beauty on Kijiji and went to pick it up on one of the coldest nights this year. Our fingers were frozen and there was a whole lot of eye-rolling going on.

i was going for rustic glam i guess. I decided to leave the doors stripped wood, the inside is a beautiful white that looks amazing with the light inside that it came with on at night and the outside is a custom mixed grey. The stripped doors have a bit of washed grey in the crevices to give them an aged appearance. OCD I know but what can I say.

the before. there were wood trellis inserts in the doors and the hardware on the drawers needed to be changed out.  this baby is super solid though.
the best part is the bottom middle door panel actually opens so you don't have to reach around for your things inside of a fixed panel.


the inside is full of vintage goodness and our hoard of wineglasses.

the top of this cupboard showcases a part of our demijohn collection, a gilt mirror i fought for at our first farmhouse auction and a wine barrel serving tray that was a gift from my brother.


so green, so sparkly.


i left the cupboard with vintage brass hardware. i love the contrast and brass/gold seems to be a thing for me right now

the riddling rack was moved to this wall to add to the wood tones in the room


the bottom left side shows off the ironstone molds my in-laws got me for Christmas. the book in the center panel is actually a leather bound dictionary that is a whopping 7 inches thick. who says you can't have books in your dining room decor?


the paint formula:
inside top- 
1/2 pure white ascp
1/2 old white ascp
1/2 old white
1/2 country grey
1.5 tbsp olive
1/2 container paris grey sample pot (didn't measure the exact amount, and to redo I would have used the whole pot for a more grey initial finish)

after 2 coats, waxed with dark and clear soft wax. not too much dark as that wasn't the look i was going for. some distressing with sanding block was done after waxing.

after i did all this, as i stated above i would have liked a little bit greyer appearance so i would have added more grey ( and i did a sample board grrrrr) so i did a grey wash over everything wiping away as i went and i got the colour i was looking for.

the halfway point prior to any waxing.

I really enjoy painting furniture. This 3 toned piece was a bit more work than the previous pieces I have tried out and I would do it again. I love the wood doors and I love that they are just a bit different from the majority of painted furniture. A little patina-esque!

We are super close to being able to show-off the halfway point of our dining room. Done for now until antique season when I can hunt down a new industrial sideboard and larger harvest table.

See you soon,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Taking a daybreak.

Trev and I had a nice day off from reality yesterday and made a little wandering day in Toronto. We were hunting for a new light for our dining room, and think we hit the jackpot. We also found a gold mine of new stock in some of our favorite vintage stores.

A few of our finds: 

an amazing industrial tray with perfect galvanized colour. the baskets are always around but the trays seem to be harder to come by. it now corrals all the stuff on our island in our kitchen.


this vase was calling my name with its colour and it just came back into the store from being rented to a movie so it was discounted.


my mouth literally dropped when i saw this boot form. i collect shoe forms of all shapes and sizes and now mostly rare ones. i have never seen a heeled form before and with the typography. wowza!


this cute handled silver cup makes a lovely candleholder. there is so much detail in the tarnish.

Now I don't don't know about you, but I love vicariously touring other people's shopping trips and or stores. These are all cellphones pics so excuse the grainies.

First up, SMASH an industrial beaut of a store...

onto Willliams......

somehow this chair on a wall amidst all the other things just grabbed my attention.
i want a chair on a wall. hmmmm.


The Door Store....
which has a huge selection of lighting

And some randoms from around town....

how much is that doggy in the window?

Thanks for coming along.
Hope you enjoyed the trip!

Have a great day,



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Liebester Award

Hello everyone and some great news this week. I was passed the Liebester Award from Rusty Heart Designs. I feel very honoured that my blog of OCD creativity has been noticed by so many and that someone felt I deserved this award. 
Onto the reason for this post, I love and read every comment and write back when I can but, I have to make mt-tails blog award free. I didn't know what that meant until this week and am now following that path. I blog for the love of it and for the crazy love of home decor. I do not blog as a job but, if that became an option in the future I would jump at it. I could keep changing my bathroom, or making paper birds and reveling in pinterest. I have a full-time job, an etsy store, and am beginning to take on decorating projects for others.
The many awards that are out there are lovely but take a lot of time to fulfill the requirements of. It is not fair for me to accept the award and then not pass it on because my time is otherwise taken.

Thank you again for continuing to visit. There are a lot of crazy cool projects coming up.
Comment away!

Have a great day,


Friday, February 15, 2013

Sneek Peek

We are just settling the rest of the details for our uber exciting dining room change-up and last week I spent some very happy time spiffing up a new larger china cabinet to house our collection of glassware.

Just a quick tiny sneek peek for your viewing pleasure. A teaser if you will. Promise to show the whole thing soon.

Have a great day,


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hubba Hubba

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I have a lovely Valentine, that knows my slight adversion to this holiday. No bad experiences here just a weird feeling like New Years.
He suprised me last night with a beautiful orchid and the collection of Sex and the City episodes. 

the blue pot goes beautiful in our bedroom with the blue acccents


i have wanted this set for quite some time but, never splurged on this for myself. it was a wonderful thought from a wonderful best friend and carrie is talking in the background as i write this.

this might happen to be the rest of my valentine's day plans. along with vacuuming, re-potting a fig tree, and doing laundry, today is my day off from the evil world of work and i can't wait to show my hubby what i did to our stove. clean between the doors. hubba hubba!

Do you think he'll enjoy it? *laughing*

We are having a fantastic candlelit meal at home and avoiding the expensive pre-ordained menus of oysters a la something. I can't wait.

Any big plans for you?

Have a great sexy day,


Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Bird book page bunting

I did a little crafting this past weekend after I changed our bed linens.
I decided it was time to take down the evergreen wreath that was in the bathroom as it may be a bad luck charm with all the snow as of late.
I replaced it with a grapevine wreath and wanted to add a little something to it.
I already made a flag style bunting in our main floor bathroom update and thought because of my obsession with birds maybe they might look kinda cute.
I got over my previous glue gun-itis and made some bird bunting. 


 i added it with a felt moss green line string for some colour

Here's how I did it:
I found some nice birds by searching for "cutout bird" on the world wide web. lol
I made them bigger with my printer by doing a print preview and scale to 150%(they were really tiny)
I cut out the birds.
I glued book pages to cardstock for stiffness. [It seems everyone is using sheet music for these kind of things, and even though I was an avid piano player, i went rogue and used an old dictionary instead]
I traced the birds onto the book page/cardstock and cut them out.
I hot glued the felt and birds together.

gosh, i am officially crazy for boxwood. yell it from the rooftops.
i have a green thumb but when it gets to be outdoor season, between the indoor plants and outdoors plants i feel like the watering can is an extension of my arm. these babies are helping with that carpal tunnel .


including the new bird banner, there are 10 birds just in this bathroom. time to get out the bird seed.

Have a great day,