Monday, December 16, 2013

The trees of 2013: a roundup of excessive delight

Why have 1 tree I ask you when you could have 2 or 4 for that matter?

I am corralling our lovely trees in a post to look back on in the coming years. I hope you enjoy seeing them as well and are finding time to enjoy your Christmas trees.

Our Living Room Tree

our main tree is artificial  and was purchased last year from tree classics when the duct tape wasn't holding the top on our old one anymore. this tree carries the brown, white and green with natural vintage touches and graces the corner near our laundry room. our court jester continues to hold court on top holding his piece of the crocheted garland i made last year


Upstairs Hallway tabletop tree

i love the glow of lights from the trees so added this tree to our repertoire two years ago from michaels. it is prelit and has minimal ornaments. i used webbing this year to make it look a bit fuller. i also added a few of the lightbulb ornaments i made. the crochet angel on top was my grandmother-in-laws. the tree makes walking up the stairs to our bedroom or office just a bit more cheery

The Red Basement Tree

i may not embrace red in the upstairs parts of our house but i love it in the basement. our real tree is a balsam fir this year and smells delicious. i added our "crystal" ornaments, pheasant feathers, 6 red acorns, red beads and called it gorgeous. it is much simpler than our upstairs tree but suits the natural feel of the basement. i used a huge galvanized bucket to hold the tree stand this year as someone SAMMY kept taking the burlap skirt away.

The Patio Tree

our patio need a little something to see through the back door when you come in the house. i took the top off our wine barrel ottoman and plopped a tree inside. i picked up a stand and some light strings at the thrift store to make this a lovely glowing display


Then I started playing with my camera and took some glowing nights shots of our trees. 
These photos were taken as the only light in the room at night. f3.2 and 6.0s shutter on a tripod.

  Thank you for visiting our Christmas trees.

See the rest of our Christmas tour HERE 

Have a great day,


  1. Lovely post, Lovely blog, I couldnt help myself to add you to my list of favs on my sidebar. Look forward to the upcoming year with you!

  2. Your trees are gorgeous, and the photographs are beautiful! What a treat!

  3. Thanks for the tour...can't pick a favorite, I love them all!


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