Monday, November 18, 2013

WHAT??? Shopping again

Yes, it's true. 
I made another roadtrip this weekend with my mom for our annual lets go get Christmas'd trip and I made a few stock pit stops along the way.
I am already squirreling away a lot of goodies for a spring show and the etsy shop is just going to overflow this winter.

Our first stop after getting lost courtesy of Iphone maps was to the 
Day in the Country Sale put on by
Tattered & Torn  and included 5 other similar vintage/reproduction vendors with gorgeous white and natural stock.

The displays were beautiful and begged to be taken down whole and transplanted into your home. Please forgive me, I forgot my camera and had to settle with my mom's Iphone as I left mine in the car so, the colours are a bit off from the fluorescent lighting.

The show was just too good not to share.
I finally got my paws on a copy of the new Nina Hartmann book.
I can't wait for a free moment with a coffee to peruse the photos.


those are real german grainsacks on that chair my friend. heart flutter.....


Tomorrow, where I spent Sunday.

Have a great Monday everyone,


What I'm Listening to:
Jimmy- Cats on Trees
The Mother we Share- CHVRCHES   


  1. That black chair and the black mail box sorter thingy are just deliciousness. Your blog header is gorgeous. That wreath and green bottles on the mantel are just too pretty!

  2. Ok, so one day I'm gonna find a bin of those European Grain Sacks and become a millionaire! WHAT!? LOL! I actually love them as part of upholstery. Such fun shopping in Canada!!!

    1. yep, one day you may have to brave that bridge and make a shopping excursion with me


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