Friday, November 22, 2013

Welcome to my new followers from Primitive and Proper.
I look forward to sharing a lot more of my eclectic home with you and sharing loads of vintage finds such as today.

Another load of goodies into the shop last night.

I am starting to stock some great vintage holiday goodies as well.

I am sure I am not the first one out there in blog/Pinterest land to create the jute webbing utensil holders but I am pretty sure the first selling them on Etsy.

They are great for your rustic tablescapes and even for corralling utensils in a buffet line.

I will be using them for a large family dinner served buffet style in 2 weeks to make grabbing your fork and napkin just a bit easier.

 don't let my mom be right people. there has to be another person out there besides me that thinks that green deer planter is amazingly retro cool not just weird. pop in a frosty fern. gorgeous. at least i think so.

Have a great Friday everyone TGIF!!!!!!!



  1. Sorry Meg's Mom...but the green deer planter IS retro cool! (and THIS coming from a retro herself!) Love, Susan

  2. Still looks wired ,but love everything else

  3. Love the deer.... I have the same in turquoise. :-)

  4. the green deer is the first thing i saw- LOVE it! i saw one that is green and brown at a local shop but they want too much money.... if it was under $20 it might be mine. :)


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