Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday DIY startup: vintage lightbulb ornaments

Good morning everyone

I have a very simple holiday DIY for you today. So simple I didn't even drag out the camera for this but am sharing the instagram pics for those without an IPhone.

These ornaments are for the vintage minded of you lot.

I came across some of the little lightbulbs in green and red at the thrift store and the proverbial lightbulb went off in my head. Hey, I can make ornaments out of these.

These could be a downright viral Pinterest moment.

Of course, the thrift store didn't have enough so I went to one of my favourite stores good old Canadian Tire (for the Americans reading this blog, yes they sell tires but they are a really huge outdoors/indoors store as well everything from holiday decor, dog food, hockey skates, faucets to mosquito nets)

And they had these bulbs in green plus.......white, how cool.


- ribbon or twine
- glue gun
- lightbulbs

- add a corn size dab of glue to the bottom of lightbulb (i hate peas so corn size it is)
- gently press your ribbon or yarn into glue (don't burn your finger)
- add another bit of glue to ribbon already attached to bulb and then bend over the other end and attach (do not add extra glue if using string or twine, you can just stick both ends in the original amount of glue)
- stand there holding ribbon until cool
- hand on the tree

Easy, Peasy 


Perfectly vintage retro!
Have a good day all,


  1. Love your bulb ornaments and Canadian Tire too. I was at Canadian Tire 4x this week alone/. We were getting rid of our original outdoor coloured light strands when we switched to LED a few years back and I saved all the bulbs. I place mine in mason jars but this would be a great idea too. Looking forward to seeing your home decked out for Christmas.

  2. Neat idea! Love the new header! Loved the old one, too. Gave me daydreams of long ideas every time I saw it, the old header did. This one makes me giddy to see your house! Love the non-traditional splashes of green you carry through your home!


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