Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Roadtrip 2013: The Old Lucketts Store and.......

Well folks, you have come a long long way with us so far.
Last stop on this virtual roadtrip is The Old Luckett's Store in Leesburg, Virginia.

To be honest we weren't going to make this stop because by this point we were getting exhausted and I needed a bit more "picking" and a little less shopping.

We were driving through Leesburg (gorgeous clean city btw) because I wanted to hit up the Restoration Hardware outlet store (more on that next week) and our route literally drove us right by the beautiful green building that inspired one of Miss Mustard Seeds paint colours.

Trevor stopped immediately at the next gas station and turned around

"You've been talking about this store the whole trip. We are not driving by and not stopping when it's right there"

Have I mentioned I love that man.

Welcome to some of the most wonderful vignettes I have ever seen in a store. Loads of vintage (at good prices) mixed in with giftware and decor in a tasteful arrangement that gives the shoppers an exact idea of how to use the items in their homes.
They were just starting to set up for Christmas so some of the vignettes were beginning to glitter.

the outside is all of these shacks full of more product, salvage and vintage architectural


I will be back to this store for sure. I would love to make the spring market. Only a 5 hour drive lol. I may have to try and make some meetings with people I talk to online next time that live in this area. We ran out of time this visit.

I did read the reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor for this store because I am weird like that and like reading what other people say about somewhere I visit or would like to visit. I noted that a lot of people commented on the friendliness of the staff at the Old Luckett's Store. Now matter how much I loved this store and would love to go back, I am going to agree with some of the reviewers. I found the few people I interacted with at this store to be cold or just disinterested in customers. Odd for a store with such warm displays aimed at the comfort of home.


my favourite find of the trip was an 8 piece white set of Le Creuset enamel cookware at a thrifft shop. it wasn't 5 dollars but it also wasn't its retail of almost 600, not even close.

we found this trophy at the Country Living fair. it is a 2nd place golf trophy

 i also found a giant newspaper book from 1939. i have been hunting for one of these and you can buy reproductions at Pottery Barn but i wanted the real thing. they are usually in the 250.00 range and this one was 60.00. it hopped right into our truck.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual roadtrip.

See you next week with a little fall update courtesy of Restoration Hardware in our guest bedroom.

Have a great day,



  1. LOVE all your new goodies!!! My SUV would have been packed LOL!

    1. or truck was pretty close martina. i don't know what i would do with a little car lol.

  2. You found some really great items. The trip sounds like quite the adventure and you planned it very well to see so many places. Trevor sounds like a great guy turning around like that.

    1. oh he is elizabeth, my knight in shining armour.

  3. Great finds! Luckett's is on my list too - about the same distance for me as you. You guys really covered some miles - loved the trip!

  4. I can never find these kind of places in Ontario ... and yet they seem to be everywhere in the US. Ahhh ... need a road trip.

    1. That's because they don't really exist in Ontario on this scale and quality.........yet :) watch for it in southern Ontario in the future, here I come lol

  5. Love your virtual tours! I made it to the spring market at Lucketts this year. My mom and I along with my eleven year son made a weekend out of it and stayed the night nearby. It was nice having two days. You would LOVE what these vendors have to offer. I came home loaded down. Love the newspaper book, what a great find :)


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