Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration: November 2013

Oh Saturdays, how I love thee.

Let's get inspired with our morning coffee shall we.
Living in Stockholm Post 11

 i love that marble table. love love and the rest of the room is perfectly eclectic balanced with white

holiday style with greens and burlap and tiny white lights...garlanding the table. 

 FARMHOUSE 5540: Our Welsh Dresser

this cupboard and the contents are wonderful.
if you have never visited this blog, you should. simple farmhouse style

DIY project: Dipped pine cone wreath

rusty hinge: Vintage Fruit Harvesting Basket 

i love this shelf. i love the contents.

Chandeliers in the Kitchen 

i am looking for a butcher block like this for our kitchen. anyone looking to get rid of one?

hmmm. i like these stairs with the "grainsack" striping

My Sweet Savannah~make ornaments out of tart pans! The DIY on my blog today! 


i love this room redo from the one room challenge. textured neutral. check out the other rooms that were involved as well.



Have a great day,


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Mantel 2013

It's happening next week everyone.

Christmas house tour galore!! I took so many photos it is hurting my eyes trying to edit them all!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. Enjoy your turkey and football for tomorrow you glitter!

Let's have a peek at our Christmas mantel this year.
I kept it kind of similar to our fall mantel this year as I really liked how it looked so I just swapped pumpkins for magnolia and added in the eucalyptus, mercury glass and new candleholders.

See you next week for Christmas

Have a great day,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Target wreath customization

I love Target. Have I told you that before?

My American readers may not be aware that in Canada we did not have Target until about 3 months ago. The lucky few of us that live in border towns have been driving over the river to get our Target fix for many years but now for the most part can shop right near home.

I should mention that the stores US and Canada are extremely similar except the Canadian stores seem to be having trouble stocking their shelves with product and/or are much slower than their American counterparts.

I got very excited seeing some of the great Christmas decorations in the US store only to come home to purchase some of the items and find empty shelves.


Back to the US store I went and thought I would show you a few of the neat items they had.

The first item is a trio of felt wreaths that are attached with burlap ribbon. The set is 25.00 and has a ribbon on the top for hanging.

It was quite cute as is but the top bow had to go and I wanted the ribbon to be thicker so I cut some black upholstery webbing with moon shapes to fit snug to the wreath and hot glued them to the original ribbon.

I attached it our kitchen chalkboard as some simple holiday art.


i also scooped up one of these corn wreaths with glitter from the smith & hawken aisle for our front door.

Simple and natural holiday additions.

Have a great day,


Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas DIY: Vintage Ornament Wreath

Good morning everyone.
Hoping your weekend was wonderful. We are getting into some more posts about Christmas here at Oliver and Rust. If you missed my first simple diy post, you can find the amazing lightbulb ornaments here.

Today we are making an awesome ornament wreath.


There are quite a few tutorials out there for this but I am going to add my 2 cents to the mix anyways.

I wanted 2 wreaths for the doors in our dining room but not the traditional greenery wreaths. I saw some of these wreaths when reading one of my Christmas magazines and of course decided I could make them in my colour scheme and so can you.

  • 50-60 various sized ornaments (the various part is important, you need all different sizes to fill in gaps)
  • wreath form 
  • glue gun
  •  floral wire/twine/string for hanging

I used a green styrofoam wreath form and made a green ball wreath. If you are making different colour tones, consider using a cheaper fabric and wrap the wreath so that you don't have a green wreath peeking through


I wanted my wreath to be vintage ornaments but collecting 120+ vintage green ornaments in a few days was unrealistic and could make this project expensive. I made the first layer with plastic green ornaments from Walmart. Just cover the outer and inner circles as shown with a bit of spacing with the same size ornaments.

Before you start adding all of the top ornaments, add a way to hang your wreath. I used a simple piece of floral wire.

Start working in sections and fill in with your different sizes until no wreath is showing

 Hang and enjoy your creation!

Have a fantastic day,

Friday, November 22, 2013

Welcome to my new followers from Primitive and Proper.
I look forward to sharing a lot more of my eclectic home with you and sharing loads of vintage finds such as today.

Another load of goodies into the shop last night.

I am starting to stock some great vintage holiday goodies as well.

I am sure I am not the first one out there in blog/Pinterest land to create the jute webbing utensil holders but I am pretty sure the first selling them on Etsy.

They are great for your rustic tablescapes and even for corralling utensils in a buffet line.

I will be using them for a large family dinner served buffet style in 2 weeks to make grabbing your fork and napkin just a bit easier.

 don't let my mom be right people. there has to be another person out there besides me that thinks that green deer planter is amazingly retro cool not just weird. pop in a frosty fern. gorgeous. at least i think so.

Have a great Friday everyone TGIF!!!!!!!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm not here, I'm Eclectic, Boogie Oogie Oogie

Good morning everyone.

Where am I today? I am over at Cassie's blog Primitive and Proper giving a little tour of our home with a sneak peek into our Christmas Decor.
She graciously asked me to be a part of her It's Eclectic, Boogie Oogie Oogie tour on Thursdays.

The full O&R insanity of photo overload with all the Christmas vignettes is coming here in the next few weeks.

For now, get your fix and visit me at Primitive and Proper

Have a fantastic day,

Let me know what you think,


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunday: Christmas Styling and meeting blog buddies

Good morning!

On Sunday I traveled over the international bridge to Lewiston, NY at the request of my new live in person buddy Artie from the blog Color Outside the Lines.

He has the rightly deserved honour of designing a barn for the Lewiston Christmas tour of homes. However, instead of a home, he has to create a home in an old barn.
You wouldn't believe the transformation of the 4 walls into the luxurious setting it is today, not an easy task but he is handling it wonderfully.

It was so fun meeting someone I have been talking to online for awhile. Artie and I met via our blogs and then became insta-buddies. He was just as nice and fun to talk to in person. It is hard to find people with similar interests these days when we are all so stuck to our phones, computers and busy with life. I had a blast and loved seeing how "real" designers work.

My task at the barn? Helping style some large board shelves into a kitchen pantry style and then I wormed my way into doing the Christmas tree because who doesn't know my love for tree decorating. It's probably why I keep adding more to my home.

This is my completed shelf (iphone photos again, sorry). I tried to keep my usual talking to myself to a minimum as I don't usually style around other humans, just Milo and she's deaf now so doesn't mind.

these jars just needed their staples added


artie was just going to add a bit more plaid ribbon to this tree but it was sparkling in the corner.

this is a bit of the main room. see the fabulous textures he is bringing in? it is fantastic. see that coffee table, an antique industrial table? it may be mine after the tour!!! i'm so excited!

And just so you can get a bit more of a looksee into this space, i "borrowed" some of Artie's instagram photos to show you



What did I tell you amazing, right?

I had a bit of trouble explaining to the kind people at the border (the ones that ask the ridiculous questions) where I was all day and that I was coming home with only 2 cookies
They seemed to think house tours don't exist and who would be decorating for Christmas already? Seriously? What rock are they living under?

Head on over to Artie's blog if you haven't already seen it. Lots of ecelctic goodies!

Have a great one,

Monday, November 18, 2013

WHAT??? Shopping again

Yes, it's true. 
I made another roadtrip this weekend with my mom for our annual lets go get Christmas'd trip and I made a few stock pit stops along the way.
I am already squirreling away a lot of goodies for a spring show and the etsy shop is just going to overflow this winter.

Our first stop after getting lost courtesy of Iphone maps was to the 
Day in the Country Sale put on by
Tattered & Torn  and included 5 other similar vintage/reproduction vendors with gorgeous white and natural stock.

The displays were beautiful and begged to be taken down whole and transplanted into your home. Please forgive me, I forgot my camera and had to settle with my mom's Iphone as I left mine in the car so, the colours are a bit off from the fluorescent lighting.

The show was just too good not to share.
I finally got my paws on a copy of the new Nina Hartmann book.
I can't wait for a free moment with a coffee to peruse the photos.


those are real german grainsacks on that chair my friend. heart flutter.....


Tomorrow, where I spent Sunday.

Have a great Monday everyone,


What I'm Listening to:
Jimmy- Cats on Trees
The Mother we Share- CHVRCHES   

Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday DIY startup: vintage lightbulb ornaments

Good morning everyone

I have a very simple holiday DIY for you today. So simple I didn't even drag out the camera for this but am sharing the instagram pics for those without an IPhone.

These ornaments are for the vintage minded of you lot.

I came across some of the little lightbulbs in green and red at the thrift store and the proverbial lightbulb went off in my head. Hey, I can make ornaments out of these.

These could be a downright viral Pinterest moment.

Of course, the thrift store didn't have enough so I went to one of my favourite stores good old Canadian Tire (for the Americans reading this blog, yes they sell tires but they are a really huge outdoors/indoors store as well everything from holiday decor, dog food, hockey skates, faucets to mosquito nets)

And they had these bulbs in green plus.......white, how cool.


- ribbon or twine
- glue gun
- lightbulbs

- add a corn size dab of glue to the bottom of lightbulb (i hate peas so corn size it is)
- gently press your ribbon or yarn into glue (don't burn your finger)
- add another bit of glue to ribbon already attached to bulb and then bend over the other end and attach (do not add extra glue if using string or twine, you can just stick both ends in the original amount of glue)
- stand there holding ribbon until cool
- hand on the tree

Easy, Peasy 


Perfectly vintage retro!
Have a good day all,