Monday, October 7, 2013

The first of many: Oliver and Rust Vintage Show

I'm breathing a little easier today with my first big show under my belt.
This past Saturday went off without a hitch other than some mother nature issues but thankfully we were prepared and expecting it to rain (the dampness makes furniture swell though, not to self) and a few odd GPS concerns leading people to a field at the other end of our road.

I am thankful for all the people who made the trek, loved the products and shopped till they dropped. We made notes of comments and what sold/didn't sell for the next show.
It struck as odd some things that fly out the door on etsy and were unrecognizable to people locally. Learning experiences all around.

Well enough chatter for today.
Here are some photos snapped before everyone arrived.

The front of our house is decorated for fall and welcomed everyone to our garage turned showhouse.

 the cabinet was finished right before the show and i will show some more details tomorrow. it is still here however and listed on kijiji if anyone is interested in giving it a lovely home.
trevor wants to keep it he likes it so much but i don't think we can fit another china cabinet

my favourite shot from the show. it shows our new plywood planked wall which we worked very hard on adding insulation and then walls to our whole garage space. the lights on the ceiling are from barnlight electric

the rustic checkout area


the shoppers starting to roll in

Thanks again everyone and hope to see you in the spring
My nutty brain is already planning lots of great new products.



  1. wow! it all looks amazing! you worked hard!

  2. You did an amazing job! I'm off to visit your Etsy shop now...

  3. It all looks so lovely. I don't know how you keep it so tidy...isn't your 'work shop' in your garage? My garage is loaded with unpainted furniture, and a big dusty mess from all of the sanding! You've inspired me to get organized and clean up a bit! Thank you!

    1. yes mam, my workshop is my garage. the weekend before the show my husband and i cleaned and vacuumed everything, hung the dropcloth curtains and setup shop. the parts you don't see behind the curtains were a bit of a mess. garbage cans piled on lazyboys, bicycles on workbenches, you get the idea. we generally keep our workspaces pretty clean as i just don't have patience to keep looking for things but, i still didn't want them on display for a "pretty" show.

  4. WOW WOW WOW!!! What an awesome setup...wish I lived close by!

  5. Your show was amazing, Meg. So nice to meet you in real life too. I love the pieces I bought but now seeing the photos I can see more that I should have picked up. There was so much to see. I'm happy to hear there will be another show and I'm going to start saving lol.

  6. Beautiful - you really have a knack for this, Meg! Wish I could have attended. I think that was the weekend we were in Philadelphia.
    Did you sell the brass candlabra in the middle of the shop? The one with 7 candle holders?

  7. Everything is gorgeous Meg! Congratulations on such a beautiful show! Is there any chance you didn't sell the tall arched window? I'm not even sure you could ship it to the US if you still had it, but if you do I'd be very interested in purchasing it from you. Beautiful job!

    1. thank courtney. i do still have it but that window would not make the trip in 1 piece. it is extremely old and i would fear for its life in the hands of a not so gentle mail-delivery man. i would love for it to be in your beautiful home but sadly it must stay with me for now.


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