Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sexy black and white, the BBC

You get where I was going with that right?

Every woman is looking for her perfect Little Black Dress, the elusive one that goes with everything day or night.

Well I believe this is the Big Black Cabinet.
She goes with everything. Dressed up or down, the black and white combination makes her a versatile hutch. And yes, she is a she.

This lovely china cabinet was in need of a new home from people who were downsizing and I can't find the stinking before photo but imagine plain shiny brown and metal gates in the side doors and old brass not good old brass handles.

I refinished this cabinet with General Finishes lamp black milk paint (I now want to paint everything black) and poly. The inside of the cabinet is a whites mix of ASCP.

i used the opportunity to stage this cabinet as i was carrying items up the stairs to stage for the show. seeing it like this was not helping me with the considering this cabinet as a kid that i have to give up for adoption. (do not send me hate mail for that statement, i know this is not a child, figure of speech lol)

i left some of the wood showing through the paint and it is only noticeable in certain light which i love and gives it the sometimes i'm modern, sometimes i'm rustic look.


the hardware is original to the piece and is matched to the paint. very streamlined and sexy if i do say so myself.

Have a great day,


**on a side note, we are planning a trip to atlanta, savannah and tybee island soon, any suggestions of places to stay namely or see/eat. we would love the suggestions** 

savvy southern style 
city farmhouse 
stone gable 
french country cottage  
common ground
miss mustard seed 


  1. Meg not only do I LOVE this hutch I love the beautiful display you did inside of it!!

  2. Very, very nice. I love the Lamp Black Milk paint and I used it recently here.
    I am now rethinking the "French Linen" on a similar piece to yours...a little frenchie hutch/buffet! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  3. She's gorgeous and the colour was beautiful in real life too. I love how you have mixed and arranged the accessories, both today and on the day of the show.

  4. This is beautiful! Love that the inside is white, really dramatic.


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