Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration: October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Are you getting your goblin on tonight?
We have just returned from an amazing 4000 km roadtrip to the south, details to come with lots and lots of photos to share.

With the end of Halloween here, and Thanksgiving over it is the gentle beginning of the holiday season. Glitz and glamour will be slowly making their way out of giant rubbermaid boxes. Me lovey Christmasases!

As some of you are rolling your eyes about Christmas and the rest of you are inwardly or outwardly I suppose as giddy as me about the holidays, how about some inspiration from this past months Pinterest feed.

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn 

metal clip stand with antique photo 

i love this clip stand. it is probably diy-able but has anyone seen these in stores? 

The Aestate: ikea besta hack + tv styling 

perfect colours and that cabinet is apparently an ikea hack. love it 

fall tablescape 

a fantastic tablescape with a plaid blanket tablecloth 

Wood trimmed built in hutch. Possibility for bookcases in family rm. or kitchen cabinets- leave glass doors wood and paint all trim and other cabinets BM simply white. 



subway tile, grey grout, black tub, brass hardware. mmm mmm good.

Baked Pasta with Sausage and Spinach | Skinnytaste 

made it with regular sausage. great recipe. 

Have a great candy filled night everyone,




  1. They have that clip at Perfectly Imperfect. Here's the link:
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Beautiful inspiration shots my favorite is the one with the large wreath!

  3. I wish we were done w/ Thanksgiving in the US. It takes me from 11/1 until 12/25 to get ready for Christmas, so I find myself skipping it. Your Pinterest inspiration is great. So, after finding your blog & our tastes being so similar, I now say, "WWMB?" when I know, "what would Meg buy?" ;o)

    1. that's hilarious. i love reading the blogs i have similar taste to as well. i have to say i am not really a fan of the lateness of your thanksgiving either as i am a christmas-a-holic. it would kill me to wait until the end of november.

  4. Giddy here too. Love love Christmas. Those are lovely inspiration photos. The large wreath and two tone cabinet are very pretty. Is that navy or black in the favourite colours Aestate photo? Very nice. We are eating way too much candy and watching the high winds blow our outside Halloween decorations all around. I could easily skip Halloween and I'm never disappointed to see the Christmas decorations start to appear in stores. I have already bought two bags of ornaments from Canadian Tire.

    1. oh i know, it is puking down rain here too. i like halloween but no kids so not really a huge priority. it is christmas tomorrow in my books and as a blogger, i have a great excuse to get started early. trying to decide which holiday movie to watch first with my glittery decorating.


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