Friday, October 18, 2013

I Love Artissimo

I hope you enjoyed your tour of the basement yesterday. Welcome back to some table details.
Now if you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know I do not love blue. It is not my favourite colour by a long shot. It's down there with pink and orange. I mostly feel this way about sky blue but, when I saw the original product shoot for Miss Mustard Seeds then new Artissimo milk paint it was like being in the V8 commercial and being hit in the head. I knew instantly that it would be the perfect colour for a table in our basement to blend into the persian rugs and still look neutral.

Oh sometimes my head is right and this one was right on the money I think,

I found the table at a thrift store and loaded and unloaded it into our truck myself on my lunch hour. It isn't light, I was dying.

It has found a new home in our basement and will find lots of use as a pizza/scrabble argument table.

i did 2 coats of artissimo milk paint with no bonding agent. i sanded the table prior to painting and luck of the draw not much chipping with this one. i added 2 coats of hemp oil which give the colour a great deep tone. i added 1 light coat of mms wax on the tabletop for extra durability


BEFORE (kind of: after sanding before)

DURING: this is the colour prior to any oil and waxing

Have a great day all,


  1. Meg, you always find the best stuff! I love that table, and the color of it is great! Off to see your basement tour!

  2. When I first saw artissimo I thought is was a grey, but now I see from your photos that it looks more navy is that right?

    1. hi deanne
      it is more of a navy. a really dark luscious navy lol. doesn't give the bright blue look either

  3. The hemp oil really deepens the colour. So nice!

  4. I love the color on the table and it pairs so nicely with those chairs!


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