Monday, October 14, 2013

A Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

We are into Thanksgiving Monday of our long weekend and are off to turkey #2 today. Of course turkey also means dessert. Maybe not directly but it is a direct association dessert, turkey.
Thanksgiving weekend here also has many traditions, maybe not as heavily as Americans but there are still quite a few. One of them in our area is that it is festival weekend. We have a large selection of local activities to choose from and Trevor and I took some time for ourselves this weekend and participated.

I took my camera with me and had a blast playing with my new toy.

Come along for the ride, won't you

there are a lot of photos so i'll try to keep the talking light

First stop The Grower's Daughter Vintage Tag Sale
Maria came to my show last weekend so I joined in her sale Saturday morning.Sadly she was ill that day and had to stay home but there was a lot of white and lovely goodness to go around.

i have wanted a sleigh for a few years and this display did not help that yearning


Next stop was a manly barn sale with lots of crusty goodness that I didn't take photos of but I got a neat galvanized chicken feeder and crate.

Continuing down the road was the Balls Falls Festival held yearly at the Balls Falls Conservation area. It is a much simpler craft show (it can't hold a candle to the Country Living Fairs) that we hadn't been to in quite a few years and it seems not too much has changed. The one thing that never dissapoints however, is the scenery at this show. The colours of nature are everywhere.

I did snap some photos of a few of the booths that caught my eye,

this booth had lovely knit items for adults and children, and had some lovely vintage styling that for obvious reasons caught my eye. i got myself a fabulous chunky brown knit cowl for the cooler weather. these ladies are also on etsy; Heartmade Fibres

Then we wandered into one of the barns and like a moth to the flame I was drawn to this next booth. Daryl McMahon is the man behind these creations and this booth also manned by his wife was spectacular. A breath of fresh air and I couldn't wait to take some photos to share.

there are many people out there making creative businesses out of reproductions of the german grainsacks and antique signs we all crave. this business does them very very well. they look perfectly primitive and quite real which is always a good sign of a fantastic reproduction.

I WANT THIS SIGN! IT WAS IN MY DREAM THAT NIGHT! I didn't bring that much money with me to purchase this fantastic sign but I may have to haunt another show to visit it

After the booth shopping, we wanted to walk around and take in the conservations sights,
the waterfalls
the flour mill
the birds of prey and
the church

my husband watching one of his loves, motors of all sorts


this may seem like a brown water photo with some colourful foliage but those dark brown blobs in the water are actually huge salmon spawning. nature at work


Our last stop of the day was at Kacaba Winery in Vineland and we did some tasting and touring. The scenery didn't hurt either.

Thanks for coming along for the ride

Have a great day,


PS: I just wanted to add that at all of the booths that I took photos of at Balls Falls, I asked the owners of the booth prior to taking photos of their displays because as a blogger we are aware of this common courtesy. All of them were quite thankful for being asked. Blogger or not however please be aware these business owners put a lot of pride into their displays and may not appreciate you taking photos of their work without asking.
So next time, ask before snapping away, it may save you an uncomfortable confrontation 


  1. Well this looks like pure heaven to me! Amazing!
    Hope you had a great holiday.

  2. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing it, happy Thankgiving!

  3. Great, great photos! Thanks so much, and hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend - it sure looked like fun. Loved the sleigh, would love to take that baby right home, already styled!. Birds of prey - the owl & eagle - awesome, and the salmon - how cool! The waterfall sure was nice too. Thanks for sharing.
    Rita C. @ Panoply

  4. Hi Meg
    I also went to Maria's show, felt bad for her missing her own show after working so hard..saw this today and thought of you - enjoy!

    1. omg ginette. i just checked it out. that's a fancy one. i would be wishing for more snow and a big horse so i could use it. lol.

    2. It would look gorgeous on your front lawn..just saying ;)

  5. Hi Meg! Recently found your blog and I LOVE your home! You certainly understand the art of layering your decor. I'm in Toronto and I am definitely ear-marking Balls Falls for next Thanksgiving! Weather-wise, it was a perfect weekend!

    1. thanks joan and welcome. i am enjoying all the new 'local" readers lately and it is fun to talk about the stuff that happens around here. if you do drive to go to balls falls, right down the road is the vineland school show as well, and with regards to vendors there is almost triple.

  6. Oh, we had a real sleigh for many years and when we moved here last year asked to donate it to our clubhouse. But they said there was no place to store it:( So we sold it at auction and didn't get much at all:(:(. I still have the life sized santa for it and will put that on a bench out front. I also collect santas and LOVE the one you showed. I would have grabbed that for sure!!! Thanks for taking us along, looks like the perfect day to me!!!!!


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