Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shere Khan and his buddies

Alright, I can forgive those of you that don't know that the tiger from the Jungle Book is named Shere Khan. Today we are hanging out with my tigers.
 I deliberately left the closeup shots of the mantel out of the main floor fall tour yesterday.

Once I clear off all the spring decor, everything gets a thorough cleaning and dusting and we start the new season off with a clean slate. I thought I would show you where I start and end when working on the mantel each season.

our mantel is very large and stretches across the whole back wall of the living room. the main layout for the mantel is 3 sets of 3. i enjoy odd numbers of displays always finding them more pleasing to the eye. there are 3 of our edward speraa tiger paintings, 3 of our larger african bronze pieces on the right and the odd trio on the left; a dan racing mask, antique metal street sign and praying yogi

i always start with the permanent collections in front of the tigers, this happens to right now be the larger of my trophies. i then begin layering in from there with my chosen colour scheme. this year we have naturals browns, green, white, zinc and lime green

with a lot of tweaking, we have the final product for fall 2013


the large brass deer was found this summer for a song at the flea market and i was only too happy to store it until the fall.

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  1. I think tigers are the most beautiful creature that God created. I think he must really like cats since he made them in small pet size too.

  2. Simply gorgeous! I can just lose myself in your mantle display!

  3. Love it ! very elegant yet masculine with those tiger in the background !

  4. Love! I'll be working on my fall mantle soon. Great inspiration.


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