Monday, September 30, 2013

Pillow Palooza

It's pillow palooza Monday everyone!
Trevor and I spent a night stuffing pillows and lined them up and down our hallway. This was at the halfway point when I decided to snap a photo with instagram for everyone to see. 

we have tons of new fabric pillows available as the cover or with an insert. velvet, botanical, classic patterns. the shelf these pillows are on is staged for the show and was a shelf from our previous home we were actually going to get rid of. It underwent some cosmetic surgery and now makes the perfect stock shelf. I will share the process in the coming weeks.

there are a lot of vintage fabric pillows as well from everything plaid, emboidered, this amazing green and ivory damask and....


....quite a few grainsack pillows in black, blue, red, caramel


Have a soft happy day,



  1. These are amazing and that shelf is perfect for storage and showcasing!

  2. That is an awesome shelf, Meg. So full of pillow loveliness. Did you really organize your pantry today with the barn sale just days away? You have so much energy and are going to deserve some rest.

    1. yes elizabeth i really did. sometimes it just helps me work out some frustration. sitting makes it worse so i have to do something lol.
      there are a lot of pillows, they look neat all piled up right now. my husband keeps trying to keep them because he likes them so much
      no rest for the wicked, just more coffee! ttys


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