Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to transform your old frames

Picture frames that is, however I am sure that if you tried this on your glasses frames it would work nicely. Don't hold me to that though.

I found the frames for my latest gallery wall at a thrift store and they were more like 80's brass instead of the new chic 2013 antique brass we all love so much right now.

Before I keep going and speaking of the 80's, I should just mention that today in the background of writing this blog post, the new show "The Goldberg's" is playing and the first few minutes had me in hysterics. They had me at the crimper. Did you have one? Do you wish it was still cool to walk around with kinks in your hair and scrunched up socks?

Back to the frames.

Here are the frames before:

just a little dated looking


rub n' buff (i used grecian gold but there are many colours available)
some sort of dark wax, i used miss mustard seed antiquing wax


tape off the glass of your frame or remove the art/glass. this piece was professionsally framed so removing the back was not an option for me without ruining the frame


one of the best methods for applying rub n' buff is your finger. it gives a nice smooth finish and controls your application. as you apply, you then use your rag to smooth out the finish and buff


you can see the top part of the frame has the gold applied and the vertical piece is still the original frame


after you finish your buffing, rub a little of your antiquing wax into the frame.
voila, DONE!

old frames transformed on the cheap.

Have a great day,


  1. looks great! I have never used rub and buff...

    1. i hadn't until last year and now pull it out all the time. it's easy and always turns out great

  2. I've never tried rub and buff either, but guess I will have to try it. Your frames look wonderful!

    1. thank you. it is definitely worth a try, it works great

  3. Looks so much better, wow I wish I could tap into your creativity!

  4. What a timely posts. I have a few frames that I wanted to update today. Can't wait to try your tips. Thanks.

  5. And where do you find rub n buff? They look awesome!

    1. hi jeannie, i actually found the rub n'buff at hobby lobby on one of my trips over the border and bought a few extra just for stock lol. i haven't found anywhere in canada yet. amazon probably carries it too.

  6. That is a great gallery wall and the frame update is one I will keep in mind.


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