Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Outside 2013

Happy Saturday everyone.
If you follow me on Instagram (or click on the instagram box in my sidebar) you know that last night Trev and I were up late stuffing pillows for the show and tagging them with their pretty sales tags. I just wanted to do a running jump and land in them like leaves and then sleep there for a week.

Prior to the pillow pile, I has been to Lowe's Home Improvement this week and was there for drop sheets to make curtains. They stopped me at the door though with white casper pumpkins for 3.00. Are you kidding me 3.00? I just paid 15.00 for 1 from a pumpkin farm and I can get 5 for that much. Well let's go find a buggy. Don't even get me started about the ridiculous door system that won't let you get a buggy and then go back out to the display. Why put the display by that door then, just to confuse people and make them walk through the store just to get back to the cheap pumpkins before some other person buys them all.
Stress, my pumpkins!!!!

Anywho once the new pumpkins were dispersed, I finished up the fall displays outside and thought that I would share,

i whipped up my cornstalk wreath again this year. i have a giant grapevine wreath around my light i purchased with a coupon from michael's a few years ago, get a bunch of cornstalks and bend/tie them around the wreath. voila!


i whipped up this fall shirt pillow in 5 minutes the other night. if you can sew a straight line, you can make this. lay the shirt flat on a work surface. measure out the size of your pillow, you probably won't  be able to get bigger than 20x20. cut the bottom of the shirt in a straight line, cut about 2 inches into each armpit to get a straight line across the top. turn inside out and sew the 2 seams. now use the buttons on the shirt to turn it right side out, stuff with pillow, close the buttons and you're done. cute fall pillow.


this is our fifth summer in this house, and this year the front garden did some performing. it became the low maintenance garden i was looking for and with the watering system we installed 2 years ago i hardly had to do anything but the occasional weeding and tweaking. it is full of different colours and heights at this time of year and is wonderful to sit and look at from the porch.


the rock fountain gurgled all summer long and next year i think we will look for a larger basin to rest it on for better water efficiency.


Have a great weekend everyone,



  1. Beautiful! What a great idea to hang a sweet little pumpkin from its stem with jute twine! Going to try that out front this year. I am beyond excited to hear about your sale! I am living vicariously for the moment as it would be a dream come true to try the same thing here in lovely Wyoming. Good luck and God bless, my dear! I am a huge fan of yours :)

  2. Loving the fall decor -- so warm, so welcoming. And that shirt pillow is fabulous!! I am laughing though about the Lowe's conundrum of going out and coming in -- they are so screwed up that way, aren't they? Hoping to get to the sale next's on the calendar!

  3. great idea on making the pillow using the original buttons and button holes! I hit my head and said why didn't I think of that.

  4. so warm, inviting, and cozy! i want a plaid pillow! love it!

  5. Stunning!! I love the display near your garage doors!

  6. I love it, how fun the cornstalks are fabulous. Very creative. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love your display with the red mums and little red wagon--had to pin that one! Did you DIY the grapevine spheres and the metal spheres? I love them! Hope your sale goes great--you have worked so hard! Wish I was closer...

    1. Hi Karen
      The grapevine balls are purchased although made locally as I live in Niagara wine country. The metal spheres are a DIY of wine barrel rings my dad actually put together for me.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence, hard to believe it is 6 days away now


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