Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Loot Shoot

Good morning everyone,
Hoping your weekend was beautiful and you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer.
Up with the birds we were on Saturday morning and out to farm country for an epic barn estate sale. Now in our area we either hit it huge or the sale just sucks. There really aren't many in between. We don't have the Cari Cucksey estate sales in our area, people don't line up at 5am (thank god) and there generally isn't any pushing or shoving.

We have mostly hit the sucko of sales this summer so this past Saturday's sale was a welcome change. We had to go back to the truck 4 times and I even had to drag my work gloves out of my purse to dig through piles of junk and through boxes that hadn't been opened in years.

It was fantastic! 

Here is the loot we scored and for the most part will be a part of the show on October 5 (are you planning on coming? did you hit yes on the event page in Facebook? I'm excited to meet you)

 i dragged everything with the exception of some fragile items out to the garden because it's still time to be hanging outside and why not. i previously screened the area for snakes so we were all good.


there were hundreds of broken chairs in the barn and this one was no exception. it was buried in the back under an inch of dirt but i have no intention of sitting on this chair. it will be a part of an art installation for the show. the detail is exquisite.
the red no.1 sign i actually got 2 of and 1 that says no.2. wouldn't these be great in a boys room or in a modern industrial space.
the gold frames were buried in the bottom of boxes in a barn


some fantastic blue and green bottles, ironstone lids, and olive waste baskets


a big industrial tray, a few loving cups and mug style trophies, ironstone plates, crocks


and then a crabby old lady photo bomber sat in the middle of the photo just wondering why on earth some people take pictures of all these inanimate objects when she the loyal house dog is dying for some photo affections. she can be just as exquisite as a stinking gold frame you know


photo bomber bored already

Have a great Monday all,



  1. You hit the jackpot with all those great finds! I love that farm scene tray!

  2. All of these items are heaven on earth!! The dog just makes the photos even better!!
    : )

  3. wow that really is a lot of great loot! love that sign. and those bottles...wonderful! great score.

  4. Great finds! I'm drooling over the loving cups :)

  5. What fun! Love your treasures. I have to ask...what kind of dog is in the pictures? He looks so much like ours who is a mix of Jack Russell Terrier and Border Collie.

    1. milo is a jack russell terrier and is 15 1/2 right now. she's our little old lady

  6. Oh, wow! My kind of stuff. Don't you just love to dig in old boxes!

  7. You hit the mother load...I bet you spent hours there...I'd have been knee deep too...Your a lucky lady!



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