Thursday, August 15, 2013

Save the date, Living under a rock, a White end table and 200

So just as the title implies, this post has a lot of goodies to share and it is long.

First up,

There are multiple ways to follow blogs but the one many people still seem to use and count your importance by is Google Friend Connect, although bloglovin' has really grown since the death of google reader.

This blog hit 200 google friend connect followers yesterday. I know that doesn't seem like a lot compared to the huge blogs out there but I have been writing this blog since 2010 and have learned a lot about myself, how I want our home to grow with our relationship/life, photography and what I won't change to fit in with the crowd. I know our home is not for everyone and it is certainly not an all white farmhouse (although I love that look) but those 200 followers seem to have become loyal readers and I just want to thank you all for hanging around and reading about my shenanigans. I have been presented with some awesome opportunities because of this blog and am excited to see what the future holds



The official announcement on this blog for the Oliver and Rust vintage barn show.

Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 10am-5pm in Welland, Ontario (I will post the address when we get a bit closer to the date)

We are hosting our first show full of a huge load of vintage painted furniture (many pieces I have been gradually showing you here), wood antique furniture, handmade decor including pillows in vintage and new fabrics, preserved boxwood and juniper, and a lot of vintage goods like scales, trays, architectural salvage, antlers etc. I am talking a lot. If you are a lover of things old, crusty, pretty, white and just plain interesting I probably have some of it. My collection of ironstone is getting ridiculous.

I have made huge in roads in getting things prepared but there is a lot of stuff to finish including getting our garage to not look so much like a place to park cars but a vintage inspired blog wonderland. Everything is in my head and my loving husband is trying to interpret my vision to create an amazing space for us to not only work but also welcome vintage lovers alike.

I received my post cards for the show and business cards yesterday and am so excited with how they turned out. I took a quick cell phone snap to show you and blotted out the address for now, sorry. I made about 25 different versions of these cards just trying to line up all the writing and getting borders in the proper places before these got sent away. the business cards are front and back so toggling between screens to line everything up was interesting for me.
I purchased these kraft paper cards from Morningprint and they were here in 2 business days. I found out after I placed the order that the factory is actually in Korea which I normally would not have done as I like to try to buy things local but I for the life of me could not find anyone/any company that would print on the kraft paper I wanted and especially not at a ridiculous price point.
It makes me very happy to see these cards in my hand just as a sense of accomplishment that I am getting closer to my goals and especially since I designed these bad boys myself (the logo was purchased and designed by a graphic designer but everything else was me)

Along with saving the date, I have come out from under my social media rock like a lizard and started a Facebook page for Oliver and Rust so check me out and like me. As a non-facebook user it took more effort than running this blog to figure out how to use everything and set it up. Facebook is a whole new animal but I think a necessary one for any business to grow in this day and age especially for people who don't blog or want to read through a blog to find photos and info that they want to know.

My blog posts automatically update there and I add a lot of the furniture photos to the albums to keep them all in one place and a few random photos as well

Next up,

I have another cute piece to show you that started out as you guessed it, a freakin' hot mess. Someone had started stripping the legs and there was a weird ingrained stain on the top.


i primed this table first and then gave it a coat of shellac especially in the previously stripped areas where bare wood was coming through (as i have learned my lesson) and then gave it 1.5 coats of Annie Sloan pure/old white chalk paint with mild distressing as is my norm



the white lamp makes another round and if you will notice the stone urn with greenery.....


don't you just love this provincial furniture in white? it is my favourite. so classy.


back to the urn. that ball of juniper greenery is not just another pretty face. that is preserved greenery, juniper to be exact done by yours truly. there will be quite a bit of it available at the show. juniper and boxwood. what does preserved mean? it means IT WON'T DIE but it is real.
 you just need to mist it every few weeks and don't leave in direct sunlight. i have been a major lover of preserved boxwood for adding a real touch of greenery to your home especially in areas where a real plant cannot survive and have been gradually adding to my collection as they aren't cheap. you have seen them used throughout my home and in these furniture setups and on many other blogs and magazines. i am planning on balls and wreaths at this point for the show.

i thought to try the juniper as it will be fabulous for fall and winter decor

Thanks for sticking with this long wordy post

Have a great weekend all,



  1. I'm there with you all the way. And by the way fellow followers , this will be one of those snooze you loose sales. Mom

  2. I love your business cards and invitiations, beautiful color and texture. I wish I could join your sale! :D

  3. Wish i cold come!!!! Love the curves of those legs!

  4. Love your makeover of the table - and LOVE the preserved juniper - it looks so lovely against the white furniture!

  5. Wish I could come to your sale, but alas, NE is too far away...I follow you by e-mail, so I don't know if those of us that do show up on google...Just saying you might have a ton more followers that just aren't in that number??? I love your unique style, so don't ever change just to "fit in".

    1. thanks karen. ne is a bit to far of a drive for a day unless you were gearing up to see niagara falls for a weekend lol. i have many followers through other various portals it was just exciting to hit the gfc # and no worries no major (always minor) changes here. thanks again.

  6. Nice job! I love these pieces too. I just linked one here.

  7. Wow - GREAT JOB! I love when my projects are a "freakin hot mess" and I turn them into something beautiful! I am your newest follower on GFC! I tried pinterest but your link isnt working for some reason. I will try again later. I am having a linky party right now, so stop on by and link up some of your favorite projects. They are awesome! (oh, by the way, I found you over at common grounds party :)). Here is the link, have a good one!

    1. hi kristen and thank you for your kind comments. the pinterest link is working now, i had actually forgot to change the tag when i flipped everything to oliver and rust so thank you for letting me know.

  8. Hi Meg, have been away and not reading for awhile (btw following by rss feed) and marking your show date on the calendar for sure. What you do is so beautiful and inspiring, love it all. Wondering where you source your annie sloan paints?...and maybe you will have some for sale at your show???

    1. hi andrea
      i am excited that you may be able to make it to the show. i am looking forward to meeting some of my fellow bloggers.(the photos are on your site are great btw)
      i actually get my chalk paint from The Purple Painted Lady in Macon, NY and have it shipped to Niagara Falls, NY and just pick it up on my once a month trip over the border. Trish has been wonderful with regards to customer service for me as I had previously had a really bad experience with a stockist here in Ontario. I have heard of a new store in Hamilton, ON called The Painted Bench but have not used them as Canadian prices are obviously higher and it is a further drive for me but their facebook page is growing rapidly. Selling Annie Sloan chalk paint is actually a huge undertaking and they require as a brand a constant storefront and workshops, so unfortunately I won't have any actual paint for sale but may be a consideration for the future.
      thanks again and maybe we shall meet soon!

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