Thursday, August 29, 2013

More graphite.... I am becoming obsessed

You know it is starting to be fall when all you see on Pinterest is Christmas stuff.
I was walking in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and almost had a friggin' stroke when I saw all of the balls, wreaths and ornaments lined up. Now, I understand crafters need a head start on the season and I am an avid lover of all things Christmasy but it still gave me an almost aneurism seeing it at the beginning of August.

I also notice it starting to be fall when my once loved white interior with tons of green is starting to call out for black, greys and loads of gingham and plaid.

I have been showing a super amount of furniture lately but never fear my home will be undergoing its seasonal transformation soon in between work, prepping for the show, cleaning, cutting the grass and chasing snakes.

I am also stuck in an ongoing debate of new lights for our upstairs hallway that more suit our eclectic industrial vintage vibe.

Today we have more Annie Sloan Graphite furniture to share,
These tables were not particularly old but had a very nice simple shape to them that I am sure will appeal to someone out there

plus a great opportunity to showcase 1 of those new flashy signs i got last weekend

During: another view of graphite 
Right side: no wax
Left side: clear waxed and a lot of dark wax

BEFORE: sceeratched!

Have a great Thursday everyone,

Are you feeling the fall transformations yet at your house?


  1. Love these tables! Oh fall is on the way -- already I'm seeing brown leaves in the maple already on it's way! Too soon! :(

  2. These look great! And I always love your props and styling, too :)

  3. Those are good looking end tables. You do find some great stuff to work on!

  4. Oh are those pretty, love them. You have given them a new life. Love that bloggers keep so much out of junk piles, make money from it and do such a wonderful inspiring job. Is the graphite color from Annie Sloan?
    I found a table very much like those. Haven't started working on it yet, wanted to wait til I had a clear idea and plan what I was going to do. Love that graphite color. I have a pint of a bluish gray color I got at True value. Their samples are $4 for a full pint of paint unlike so many others that only give a small amount. I love the samples from Lowe's but sheesh, kinda pricey for what you get. The sample bottles at Ace Hardware are the worst. I've been lucky tho by getting 3 free sample jars of Valspar, their Summer colors are gorgeous. I always go to their reject shelf to see what they have, $1 for mistints. Like those samples and usually they have spray paint also. Love that window behind the tables.

  5. What a beautiful transformation!!!
    Aren't Annie's colors the best ???
    And I so want that number 1 sign :)
    Visiting via Knick of Time


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