Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Have you ever tried ginger?

Ok my storytelling ability is returning today.

Many years ago (about 13 and a half) I was at my now mother in laws birthday party trying to make a good impression, be a good girl and celebrate another year of happiness with her, my now husband and extended family.
Every year (I didn't know this yet) my grandfather in law buys my mother in law her favorite candied ginger.

At this birthday party, seeing as I was the newbie she asked if I had ever had some and would I like to try it? It's great, she told me.
Well come on now I love gingerale so what was the harm?

As I put the ginger in my mouth, I caught the nervous glances from my husband's family and the stifled laughter. 

You know the kind.... the joke is on you kind.

1 bite

2 bites.

Where the hell is the spit bucket?

My good impression went out the window that day as I spit the ginger into the garden behind me.

I couldn't exclaim quickly enough,
LIAR! It is not good and not even close to gingerale.

The stifled laughter became full on laughter and as she attempted to give ginger to everyone else, and they ALL declined. 

This year when thinking of a gift for her, for some reason I remembered this story and was throwing around the idea to make these awesome vintage style chippy signs for the barn show.

Although she doesn't eat fresh ginger the sign is a personal gift for her and I think one only she can appreciate if any one else has ever tried ginger.

Do you like it? I'm curious.

I have made a bunch of large and smaller signs out of original white chippy barn board clear coated to stop the chipping. Trevor and I handpainted the letters with a white mix of Annie Sloan chalk paint and aged them before attaching them to the boards.

These great signs state

and others...... perfect for farmhouse, shabby chic vintage decor.

These will all be available at the sale.

Have a great Tuesday everyone and if someone offers you candied ginger, chocolate ginger don't say I didn't warn you


  1. I adore ginger!!! I cook with fresh ginger and add it to juice and smoothies. Candied ginger and ginger in candies are special treats. And I clean up all the pickled ginger when I have sushi (the chef at my favorite sushi restaurant puts a huge amount on my plate).

  2. I've never tried ginger but when I was in Tanzania my favorite carbonated drink was a ginger based one called Tangaweezy (sp) which was soooo good. Plus it was fun saying it. ;) They think all Americans are soda freaks and everywhere we went were tubs of different flavors which I found out they had saved all of their money for months for. Although I am not a fan of "soda" of any kind, but to be polite...)

  3. oh i love it and that is hysterical! i do not love candied ginger but i love ginger- the kind you get with sushi! and i love ginger flavoring in my asian foods!

  4. I use ginger in my smoothies -- it gives them a little twist. Loved the post.

  5. Your signs are adorable! Ginger is so good for you but I definitely don't eat enough. Thanks for sharing. Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)! http://diy-vintage-chic.blogspot.com/2013/08/fridays-five-features-no-3.html

  6. Your signs are cute and I happen to really like candied ginger. Your post makes we want to go find some right now. :)


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