Monday, August 19, 2013

Graphite table

Good morning everyone,

That weekend just whipped on by. Trev and I hit a couple of garage sales Saturday morning and found a few goodies, picked up a couple more dressers, went out for dinner, visited with family and ended it all with the season finale of True Blood. Not a complete vampire addict but I definitely got sucked (haha get it) into this strange show by coworkers.
Team Eric for me people.

A couple more neat redos this week to share

Today is a great little barrel table with a hidden drawer.

I did this table in Annie Sloan graphite and it was actually a tester table of sorts for a bigger project as the photos of graphite out there are all over the place and I couldn't get a read on how the graphite would look. Some photos show it looking grey, some navy blue almost and some deep black. Too much variation for me before jumping into a massive cabinet.

Here is the final product:
I would say it is nice deep charcoal grey.
I painted, clear waxed and then heavily mms antique waxed and then some as dark wax for variation in tones.
This lovely primitive wood chair with rush seat just came home with me into the inventory pile.

 there is a neat hidden drawer in this table and i really debated putting a knob on it but actually like the seamless look of this dark beauty. i noticed later i forgot to take a picture of the inside of this drawer which got a nice helping of paris grey for contrast. you'll just have to use your imagination.


generally a good condition wood table, had a little wobble repair and is now good as new 
you can also catch a glimpse of my herd of crap in the background and one of my newly finished display shelves. it will show up in a future post with a great new product i found.

just for funsies, i thought to snap a photo of this table halfway through waxing the top (just the clear wax phase) to show the difference between plain paint and wax

Have a great Monday all,


  1. love it! i am a huge fan of graphite- gorgeous!

  2. I just found your site! I read almost the whole thing! Love all of your redos!

  3. what a wonderful transformation! and I love that graphite color too...been scouting my house for something to paint nice and dark.
    thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Gorgeous table and I love the colour!

  5. I have yet to try Graphite. May be my next ASCP purchase. All your vignettes are stunning.


  6. Hi Meg, I'm visiting for the first time from WOW...your little Graphite table caught my eye!! I love Graphite and I go straight to the AS dark wax! Cute little table and I loved seeing your "stash" in the background of the before pic!

    I'll be back!
    June G.

  7. I love your table! It turned out so elegant.

  8. I love that style table, so versatile. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  9. Gorgeous. And your staging is gorgeous too. Love that window.


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