Monday, August 12, 2013

Delving into some more milk paint

I put the chalk paint away for a few pieces and mixed up some milk paint to tackle a few more pieces in my pile.

Good morning everyone!

I found this great step stool a few weeks ago and it had suffered through the tole painting of the 90's and the mirror had a decidedly Homesense (Canadian Homegoods) feel to it that needed a little tweaking.

I received a few more colours in the Miss Mustard Seed milk paint line and put them to good use first with these small projects. A bigger one will make an appearance tomorrow.

I mixed 2/3 typewriter with just a bit less than 1/3 shutter gray to make this fabulous charcoal grey.

i was smart this time when trying to take photos of a mirror and decided to use my new garden as the backdrop because why wouldn't you need a mirror and stool in the garden. those hairs are always flying in your face when your hands get dirty. 
 you can read about my first forray with mirror photography here

the part you can't see in these photos is my panic stricken face because as i was setting up this mirror a snake came out of the grass and into this garden.
well i wasn't having that and like a psychotic crazy lady was shoving it around with my shovel and just about to give it the old chop so he can't come back and find me and then it looked so scared and i am nuts so i picked it up on my shovel and walked him 2 acres into the field next door and spun around so he'd be dizzy and get lost and forget where i lived.
see what i mean, nuts!

the stool was white underneath so the bit of distressing gets a more authentic feel with layers of paint.


fabulous charcoal. i finally got around to using the mms wax as well and really love it over her paint. it has a totally different finish and feel once it dries. it is a much more flat finish and lets the paint do the shining which is great with milk paint as any old finish shouldn't be shiny from years of use. it isn't as much of a silky finish as annie sloan wax. i love them both and find they each have the right moment to use them. mms antiquing wax is still winning for me in the dark wax category though.


the mirror received the same milk paint with wet distressing and then wax. and then for the cloudy zinc feel i added a washed on lighter milk paint and immediately rubbed off.



Have a lovely day.
Lots more projects and news coming up this week.

See you soon,


  1. Great photos! Good idea to let the mirror reflect the garden.

  2. Wow, a snake? rock BTW! I can't believe you dragged a mirror and a bench outside to photograph it for us to see....that's wonderful....and it worked cuz I'm in love with both pieces.

    Have a great week!

  3. Both look fabulous. A snake? Gees. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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