Monday, July 15, 2013

What to do with all the neglect on a coffee table?

Well paint it of course.

Happy Monday bloggy friends.

Trevor and I scooped up this trashed provincial coffee table at a garage sale a few weeks ago and I got around to finishing it a week ago just haven't posted the photos yet.

The finish on the top was mashed. water rings, peeling finish, chips. yike!
see below for before photo

I beat the snot out of this puppy with the palm sander and gave it 2 coats of Annie Sloan Paris Grey. I did light distressing as usual as I am not usually a super chippy person and added my 2 different types of dark waxes. I also did a whitewashing on the top with pure white after the waxing to give it more dimension and a gorgeous feminine feel.

you can see the sheer amount of damage to the top.
that is the beauty of what we do. this gorgeous solid wood table was headed for the dump without rescuing.

Have a great start to your week.

We are feeling the heat, getting a little sweat mixed in with paint. lol


  1. Great table and you made it look beautiful! Love the finish.

  2. PS, can you tell me where you got the demijohn that is on the table? I am trying to collect some and it is hard to find them around here:(

    1. hey pinky
      i got the demijohn at a local antique score and i have been hunting for this size for about a year. i come across the smaller sizes about 14" height quite often. if i list any in my store i will let you know.

  3. You have photographed this vignette beautifully! Looks like a Paris flea market booth!

  4. What a transformation. I love the new finish. Paris Grey is so pretty. Stopping by from Wow Us Wednesday.

  5. Very beautiful table. I've stopped in from StoneGable. You have a lovely blog!

  6. You had great vision for that table. I would have passed it up myself, but you did an amazing revitalization.

  7. I've been looking for a round coffee table for a year now -and people are throwing them out???
    What a gorgeous transformation - Paris Grey is such a perfect choice :)
    Beautiful job

    1. if you lived closer suzan this baby could be yours. it is going in my vintage barn show pile and will be for sale then. i know a lot of people who just throw out their furniture when they are finished trashing it. it's sad but at the same time if it were not for them businesses like ours could not be a reality.


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