Monday, July 29, 2013

Pretty in White

If I liked pink I could have painted this dresser pink and then I could have called this post Pretty in Pink and it could have been like a Molly Ringwald special.

I have a thing for John Hughes movies from the 80's, what can I say.

Alas, this tallboy simple waterfall dresser got the lovely white treatment instead of pink and I think it turned out perfect for a simple romantic white bedroom or a young girls room.

i did very little distressing on this piece except for the handles. they have a great flow and give a boring waterfall dresser some style

an off honey colour before. the bowl on top was the wash bowl as this dresser was partly covered with a few various animal unmentionables that needed to be cleaned off. yuck! it is now spic and span and antibacterialized (is that a word?)
you can see on the top drawer i was goofing around with which way to put the handles and settled on the original facing up

Have a great Monday,

I spent a little time organizing my office this weekend and I will be back tomorrow to show my progress. 1 piece of furniture can just cause a snowball.


  1. Love the dresser, would look good in a nursery too!

  2. I am debating right now about FINALLY painting my FIRST piece of furniture:):) Love the dresser.

  3. I think your waterfall dresser's little girl is over at my place playing today! LOL!


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