Thursday, July 25, 2013

My favourite yet: Greige end tables

Good day everyone.
What a weather change here. It is almost cool but gorgeously sunny and the windows are open and clothes are on the line. It feels like a spring day and I am enjoying my coffee/smoothie with my feet up on my wine barrel ottoman on the back patio and not looking for a sprinkler to cool off in.

I have so many neat projects and news to share but everything is half done (don't you hate that) so I have plans to get a lot of things finished over the next few days as well as a little relaxing, grass cutting and blueberry picking. My in-laws have a huge blueberry farm and it is always an anticipation to scooch over there for a visit and fresh fruit. I probably eat more than hits my basket but who can resist.

I think these end tables which started out as the worst condition I have worked on yet, are for sure my favourite. They are asking to come inside more than the green end tables were. I tell ya with the talking furniture. They turned out with the best greige colour and look so sophisticated, I think they would be perfect in any room.


this pair was done with the same country grey mix as used on the drawers in the last waterfall dresser makeover.
check out that salvaged window. it is sitting on the floor and same height as those shutters. i scooped up a pair and 1 of them is going to be available in the barn show. 


 again most of the styling props are also show stuff. old scales, deer antlers, old books, concrete birds, preserved boxwood, brass candleholders
we've got quite the hoard going 

i wanted to show the detailing in this photo on these tables. they are solid wood (all the pieces i do are) and they have excellent detail in the legs and the rosette which i added rub n' buff to. it helps compliment the brass of the original hardware.

large drawer and a bonus shelf underneath. love love these.

 i took a photo of better of the 2 and after i started with the first coats thought i should have shown the abuse on these tables. they were ice pack stickers stuck to the drawer sides and the tops was all scratched. you can see the bottom shelf on this one is discoloured and scratched. poor sad neglected tables.

Well have a happy Thursday everyone. 
My coffee and smoothie are gone so it's time to get off the butt and back to work

Have a great day


  1. Those are so good looking! What a great find and job you did on them. Whoever gets them should be very pleased.

  2. Geez, I don't have the VISION that you do. I would see those and think, NOPE! YOU however see something beautiful. They look amazing.

  3. What a gorgeous transformation - they're beautiful - but that window?????
    I have serious window envy - what a beauty!

  4. The tables have great lines and your treatment really accentuates that. Love the shelf and legs. That window is awesome and will sell quickly I'm sure. I hope I can make your sale.

    1. oh elizabeth that would be so neat. i hope so too. i am 99% sure now it will be the weekend of october 5 & 6 sat and sun. i plan to do a post about it and will update the event page on facebook. hope to meet you then.

  5. Beautiful!! Love your style!

    Kristy {Robb Restyle}

  6. I love, love, love these tables and this greige color. I was thinking they have a special glow about them that must have been your beautiful lighting, then got to the part of your post about the rub n' buff. Lighting + rub n' buff = love. I tried to mix a greige color for a project recently and ended up with a kind of pinky beige. It's a lot harder than I thought. I'll have to practice (a lot.) Thanks so much for sharing the rub n'buff on rosettes idea.


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