Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feelin' hot hot hot, and rusticy modern

It is scorching here with heat and humidity.
I love it when I am at home and in shorts. Has anyone seen that cobra mister that Donna from funky junk interiors was talking about. Definitely has me intrigued. I just may have to scoot over to Canadian Tire and see if I can get myself some mist to play in the sunshine.

Summer is just to short to spend it in the house.

I haven't gotten much done at night besides watering but I do have a cool dresser to show you today. It is a bit different than the pretties I have been working on lately.

This dresser was already stripped when I picked it up and I love love loved the colour of the stripped wood. Something about the natural colour of any stripped wood makes me swoon.

I know people are usually on the wood team or the paint everything team but I am for sure in the middle. I have stripped many pieces down to bare wood and left them as is.

I am going to break from my normal pattern and show the before picture first today.

you can see how gorgeous the wood colour is. a honey brown tone with brass hardware.
i knew as soon as i saw it i wasn't going to paint the whole thing. i ended up deciding on just the drawers as the wood had an uneven tone along the detail work of the drawers.
i also found the original casters hanging out in the middle drawer after i removed it to do a little structure tweaking.


the colour i mixed up is an annie sloan mix very similar to the colour used on our dining room hutch.  
country grey, old white and paris grey.

distressing and miss mustard seed antiquing wax

trevor gave me the what the hell are you doing face when i dragged our living room lamp outside to make this vignette shine. i could see a pharmacy lamp looking great for this photo op so why not drag half my house outside. the dresser and you guys deserve it. i left the original brass hardware on this dresser and love the edge it gives it.


it's the perfect shabby beige without being too white or too beige that would have overpowered the wood.


Whatdaya think? about the dresser and the mister?

Have a great day,


  1. love this makeover! White with wood is my fave look of all time - great job!!!

  2. A smart choice leaving some of the natural wood showing! This dresser looks great!

  3. Meg, what a great piece, love the makeover

  4. It's beautiful ~ LOVE IT~!
    Great job...

  5. Great makeover! I love the lines of the dresser and they are perfect for this look! Great Job!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  6. I like the paint but I LOVED the natural wood. But then I am a wood person. The color was so pretty. However, this will go with what you have. Great job.

  7. I love what you have done to this piece, it almost look art deco like xxx

  8. That is gorgeous - I love keeping some wood finish with painted pieces!

  9. Well I love that you appreciate wood in it's natural state. I love painted but sometimes feel like it's a sin to cover some lovely oak with paint. I do love your combo, and Mr. Trevor, really, where have you been, we drag all kinds of things out to do a photo shoot. Love it. It's hot here too.

  10. Very nice! What a creative idea to just do the drawers, as you said the color does not over power the natural wood!

  11. Hello! I just came across your blog through Miss Mustard Seed's blog and I love it! Your painting is beautiful. Your painting this something you share? I was just wondering because I have a childhood dresser I want to paint and really don't know where to start. I'm not looking for a tutorial from you :) I was just wondering what exactly you did with the boxwood paint on the piece that was on MMS blog (the same one at the top of your blog page)? It is exactly what I've been thinking in my head to do with this dresser. Is there a post where you talked about it maybe? I understand if you do not share all your secrets :) I'm just new (today!) to your blog and thought I would ask. I will definitely be making this one of my daily stops in blogland! Beautiful blog, beautiful house!!

    1. hi lisa
      if you search in my sidebar for "green buffet" or go through the label dining room the posts for the buffet are in there. i do a tutorial on some of my painting but not all as some custom mixes i do not measure accurately enough (i mix it until i like it) and some of them are custom to sell. the boxwood paint needs a lot of love to get it this dark and rich especially on a porous piece like oak but is totally worth it in the end. it is an amazing green.
      thank you for visiting and the compliments.

  12. I think I love it! That was a great way to keep the lovely wood tone and update the drawer fronts with paint. My mom had a great little china cabinet with that colour and waterfall top too, and my dad doesn't have room for it anymore so I think I may have to try it out in our basement kitchen area. You do have a real talent for styling your photos and I had a chuckle at your husband wondering about the lamp going outside. My husband just shakes his head at some of my ideas too.

    1. thanks elizabeth. i am trying to get a varied look of items for the sale and want the photos to have a lot of the items that will be available. obviously the lamp is mine but most of the other items are going to be for sale. my husband is a great sport and helper but sometimes can't see the vision in my head until it is all laid out.


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