Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another green table with a lamp

Yesterday was our first day back to work after holidays and it was not pretty. It takes work getting back into the swing of things on a normal day but, the air conditioner conked out at my job. We are on the second floor in a goldfish bowl of non-opening windows and I wear a mask at work. It was do or die I tell ya. It was 87 freakin degrees in there plus humidity.
Patients were probably watching sweat roll off my head for entertainment. Not pretty.

Onto the fun stuff.
I love how the photos of this table turned out. 

This setup is one of my favourites yet. Almost overshadows the table itself.

This was your standard run of the mill boring provincial table with no flair.

The one large drawer actually had 2 handles on it to give the illusion of a double drawer but made it look rather clunky. Out came the wood filler and I think I achieved a much cleaner look.

This table was finished in Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and then I used General Finishes Van Dyke Brown glaze. This was my first stab at this glaze and I enjoyed the use and the finish it gives. You do have to work fast and in small sections or it will dry up into a globby dark mess.

i added a very simple antique brass hutch handle that adds a simple touch to the 
front of the drawer


obviously i had already filled the drawer and flipped it for painting but you get the idea. plus my cooler and wine empties in the background. jeesh it must be summer or something.

Have a great Tuesday,

I hope mine is little less hot than my Monday.


  1. You did a beautiful job! Love the glazed effect.

  2. Wow, so very pretty! You have a real eye for styling your photos too. Too bad about the heat at work. I'm a puddle on a good day lol. We have a/c and just washing a few pots and windexing the front door and sidelight made me sweat buckets. It isn't any cooler today so I hope they fixed the problem.

    1. me too. i am always hot. i love the heat of summer and even the humidity as long as my air works at night to sleep with. i do have a problem being that hot at my job as i have to look professional. they frown upon shorts and tank tops in health offices :) air still not working but they are working on it so here's hoping. thanks for loving my setup for furniture pictures.

  3. The best part of your photos is the wine bottle empties -- it shows you are a real person. :) Loved the color of the piece!

    1. oh gawd jennie if you only knew. the sad part is that was only half of them visible after some fun weekends. thanks for visiting and enjoying my obsessive furniture painting preparations.

  4. Looks great, where are you going to put it?....can't wait to see!

    1. hi christine. this one is actually going in the growing pile for my vintage barn show coming up. i wish i could keep them all especially the pair i am working on right now (up sometime next week) but alas they must find new homes(hopefully) for someone to enjoy.
      or they may have to make a new show with me as a star called "furniture hoarders, the other side of chalk paint"


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