Thursday, July 11, 2013

A checkout sign

I know I keep mentioning it but the rest of the details are not yet hammered out so I am giving it to you in drips and drabs.

A little more of the story, I am planning a vintage show at our home for a weekend (yet to be decided) in September.There will be lots of painted furniture, vintage accessories (I have 1/2 a room stockpiled with goodies already), handmade pillows and decor items. It is part of a well laid plan to get my name "Oliver and Rust" out to the people of this area prior to me slamming a huge investment into a brick and mortar store. If you read this blog and live closeish I would love to meet you and have you come out. It will be just like out of the fairs you read about on all of the blogs out there. 
At least that is how it looks in my head.

In between working, sewing, painting and cutting the grass endlessly because of the rain, I made a cool sign out of an old coffee table top to hang over the checkout area.

This setup is a possible for advertising cards and flyers.

A little hard to see the aging on the white background but it is there and it looks old and lovely.

Well there you have it for today, more info to come.

Have a good one,


common ground 


  1. Meg, where do y'all live exactly ? I'm guessing by some picture that you guys don't live in Texas, huh ? I love your sign. A great idea that I'll have to borrow, if you don't mind. Sweet stuff...wish I could make your sale !!


    1. no patty we are in the niagara region in ontario canada. so far from texas. thank you for the love and i wish you could visit as well.

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan. I'm partial to the sign of course. Interested in how you came up with the name. It has a great ring to it!

  3. Keep us updated because I am close enough to drive if it doesn't conflict with one of the dairy shows. Fingers crossed!


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