Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to office again

It hasn't been that long since I moved everything around in my office to accomodate the etsy listings dresser but the shelves were still malfunctioning in their purpose. Stuff I rarely use was on the main or middle shelf and stuff I used more often on the top shelf. Stupid organization plan.
I had a plan to fix it but the problem is when it is nice outside with sun and plants, I have guilt for staying in the house even for an hour during the day. Crazy I know but that's what is in my head.
Anyways, it rained and was kind of cool on Saturday so it was time to tackle the shelves.

Moment of honesty here, the push for organization came when I found this really cool wood shelf/drawer thing to help me organize my pillows waiting to be sewn.

So welcome back to my office sans mess.

finally found a great place to display my ever growing collection of milk glass and cameras


while i was up there i also got the itch to change the lampshade of my desk lamp so down to the basement storage and la ti da i had a spare black shade. ooh drama.


the little table i found last week at the goodwill and i think it was a salesman sample for coffee tables but makes a neat display pedestal


the troublemaking table i found. isn't is awesome? the top drawers help organize all my etsy supplies and all the cut up pillows are neat and organized. i also made a spot for all my finds awaiting their photography session so i don't get myself confused with what i have taken photos of and what i haven't. my brain is getting a little scrambled with some of my plate lately.


Thanks for stopping in and if you aren't too busy how about sewing a 
couple of pillows for me.

Have a great day,

Monday, July 29, 2013

Pretty in White

If I liked pink I could have painted this dresser pink and then I could have called this post Pretty in Pink and it could have been like a Molly Ringwald special.

I have a thing for John Hughes movies from the 80's, what can I say.

Alas, this tallboy simple waterfall dresser got the lovely white treatment instead of pink and I think it turned out perfect for a simple romantic white bedroom or a young girls room.

i did very little distressing on this piece except for the handles. they have a great flow and give a boring waterfall dresser some style

an off honey colour before. the bowl on top was the wash bowl as this dresser was partly covered with a few various animal unmentionables that needed to be cleaned off. yuck! it is now spic and span and antibacterialized (is that a word?)
you can see on the top drawer i was goofing around with which way to put the handles and settled on the original facing up

Have a great Monday,

I spent a little time organizing my office this weekend and I will be back tomorrow to show my progress. 1 piece of furniture can just cause a snowball.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Won't you look in my window

We have a little window love going on over here. Quite a few people liking the salvaged window from yesterdays post with the lovely greige end tables.

I mentioned that I scooped up 2 of them and thought I would show you where the other one ended up because these were too good not to keep one plus I had the perfect spot.

i have been hunting around for something taller in our spare bedroom to compliment the linen ladder and i think this window does just the trick


it is large without being overly space sucking looking because you can still see the wall through it


then because i was already up there mucking around, i decided to add 2 camber pot lids i to my wall of ceiling medallions. i don't really collect plates and it seems everyone has jumped on that wagon but, lost lids of peepee pots. i can do that! i accidentally ripped 1 of the medallions off the wall and was too pissed off lazy to fix it so this little gold mirror found a new home. then i got to thinking i found this silver crumber tray for 1.00 and another little silver plate. instant new vintage gallery. happy accident and i like the new look.


gives my little white gnome a new view


pretty i think and nice to change things up for myself for a little bit. 

Have a lovely weekend, it is supposed to be amazing here which means an 
outside kind of weekend,


a stroll thru life

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My favourite yet: Greige end tables

Good day everyone.
What a weather change here. It is almost cool but gorgeously sunny and the windows are open and clothes are on the line. It feels like a spring day and I am enjoying my coffee/smoothie with my feet up on my wine barrel ottoman on the back patio and not looking for a sprinkler to cool off in.

I have so many neat projects and news to share but everything is half done (don't you hate that) so I have plans to get a lot of things finished over the next few days as well as a little relaxing, grass cutting and blueberry picking. My in-laws have a huge blueberry farm and it is always an anticipation to scooch over there for a visit and fresh fruit. I probably eat more than hits my basket but who can resist.

I think these end tables which started out as the worst condition I have worked on yet, are for sure my favourite. They are asking to come inside more than the green end tables were. I tell ya with the talking furniture. They turned out with the best greige colour and look so sophisticated, I think they would be perfect in any room.


this pair was done with the same country grey mix as used on the drawers in the last waterfall dresser makeover.
check out that salvaged window. it is sitting on the floor and same height as those shutters. i scooped up a pair and 1 of them is going to be available in the barn show. 


 again most of the styling props are also show stuff. old scales, deer antlers, old books, concrete birds, preserved boxwood, brass candleholders
we've got quite the hoard going 

i wanted to show the detailing in this photo on these tables. they are solid wood (all the pieces i do are) and they have excellent detail in the legs and the rosette which i added rub n' buff to. it helps compliment the brass of the original hardware.

large drawer and a bonus shelf underneath. love love these.

 i took a photo of better of the 2 and after i started with the first coats thought i should have shown the abuse on these tables. they were ice pack stickers stuck to the drawer sides and the tops was all scratched. you can see the bottom shelf on this one is discoloured and scratched. poor sad neglected tables.

Well have a happy Thursday everyone. 
My coffee and smoothie are gone so it's time to get off the butt and back to work

Have a great day

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rain, Sun, Dirt, Mustard Seeds and some shopping

Good morning!

What a gorgeous weekend this was.
 A great thunderstorm to watch Friday night as dinner entertainment and a very sunny productive Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday started with me checking my phone for email and then whooping after reading a few emails from lovely people saying they found me from Miss Mustard Seed's blog.
What the....?
I ran surfed right over there and there were 2 of my personal milk painted pieces right in one of her blog posts and on facebook.

The power of the mustard seed my friends. Traffic has been constant all weekend and I am honoured to have been mentioned by her.

Welcome to all my new blog friends.

For the remainder of the weekend Trev and I got in a little together time and did a lot of digging and some shopping for my etsy shop and show.

Some of the treats we found:
the boards they are sitting in front of are going to become something fun very soon if I can get my toosh in gear to get the rest of my supplies

would you check out the size of that gourd. it'll be great for fall decor.


another witch hazel bottle for my collection of witch hazel bottles.

Here's the digging part of our weekend
Little progress report kind of.
The garden behind our garage has been a scrambly mess since we moved in, so last weekend Trevor got a bee in his bonnet to chop all the shrubs down forcing our hand to do something about a new garden layout and plants.

I plan to show the whole thing when it is fully done but for now,


the garden was covered in hundreds of rocks that needed moving and relocating. we still have 3 buckets left over if anyone is interested. 

a bit of reshaping from the straight line that was there. we bought a few new plants yesterday and have added them and moved that korean lilac in this photo. 
it was a quiet night at home last night with both of us practically falling asleep sitting up 9

Anyone else do something exciting this weekend?

Have a great day,


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feelin' hot hot hot, and rusticy modern

It is scorching here with heat and humidity.
I love it when I am at home and in shorts. Has anyone seen that cobra mister that Donna from funky junk interiors was talking about. Definitely has me intrigued. I just may have to scoot over to Canadian Tire and see if I can get myself some mist to play in the sunshine.

Summer is just to short to spend it in the house.

I haven't gotten much done at night besides watering but I do have a cool dresser to show you today. It is a bit different than the pretties I have been working on lately.

This dresser was already stripped when I picked it up and I love love loved the colour of the stripped wood. Something about the natural colour of any stripped wood makes me swoon.

I know people are usually on the wood team or the paint everything team but I am for sure in the middle. I have stripped many pieces down to bare wood and left them as is.

I am going to break from my normal pattern and show the before picture first today.

you can see how gorgeous the wood colour is. a honey brown tone with brass hardware.
i knew as soon as i saw it i wasn't going to paint the whole thing. i ended up deciding on just the drawers as the wood had an uneven tone along the detail work of the drawers.
i also found the original casters hanging out in the middle drawer after i removed it to do a little structure tweaking.


the colour i mixed up is an annie sloan mix very similar to the colour used on our dining room hutch.  
country grey, old white and paris grey.

distressing and miss mustard seed antiquing wax

trevor gave me the what the hell are you doing face when i dragged our living room lamp outside to make this vignette shine. i could see a pharmacy lamp looking great for this photo op so why not drag half my house outside. the dresser and you guys deserve it. i left the original brass hardware on this dresser and love the edge it gives it.


it's the perfect shabby beige without being too white or too beige that would have overpowered the wood.


Whatdaya think? about the dresser and the mister?

Have a great day,