Friday, June 7, 2013

Wine barrel ottoman

Happy Friday all!
More DIYing coming at you today.

The post about our backyard patio has received so much love from all of you, it's making me blush. Seriously though we spend a lot of time in our backyard, eating, drinking, reading, gardening, talking, listening to music so it needs to be accomodating for all of these things.
Last year I had the idea to use an upside down wine barrel for an ottoman and loved how it looked. 
However, it was only just ok for foot comfort.
I decided to do something about that and turn our wine barrel into an upholstered ottoman.
Here's how I did it, 
(and for your viewing pleasure, you may also play spot the Sammy in the screen door. he got bored in between obviously and wandered off only to come back again)

1. cut a piece of plywood in a circle to sit on top of the 1/2 wine barrel

2. now this is where it gets cheap or expensive. you can buy a large piece of 2" foam and cut a circle out of it (this was going to be around 50 buckeroos, i don't thinky so) or you can buy a set of 2 precut squares and chop it up to make it work (this way worked out to about 15.oo)

3. you can see how i made 2 large pieces and fit everything else around it.


4. now cut some upholstery batting with approximately a 3" edge of extra to be wrapped around your pie of foam pieces


5. carefully turn your lid over and staple foam to the board. this will give your stool a cushy feel and keep all the pieces of your foam pie in place.


6. imperative step: step back and sigh and enjoy your handiwork thus far


7. cut your choice of fabric in the same method as the upholstery batting. i chose a vintage canada post mail sack as my fabric. heavy duty canvas suited to the outdoors and won't show mud with semi-clean feet.


You're done! Get yourself a nice beverage and put your feet up on your new cushy ottoman.


What do you think?

Feet acceptable?

Have a great weekend everyone,


  1. Guess what, tried it out and it is very comfie!

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  3. Too many typos!!!! Now, I SO want to get our deck done!!!!!!And relax, and read, and put my feet up, and ...................

  4. I had to laugh at your choice to chop up the foam...girl you are just like me. If I can save I will save and make it work. It looks fabulous too and I don't think any of us would have known about the foam if you hadn't told us. Great job


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  6. So cute!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  7. Want to do for my sitting area in my basement. Can you give me ideas on where I can get the barrel. Can I extend the top further so it's bigger? Veronica


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