Monday, June 3, 2013

White Provincial Style

Another before and after for you today.

I love these provincial dressers and snap them up whenever I see them especially when they are solid wood.

This lovely lady got a lot of wood filler, 1 coat of primer and 2+ coats of Annie Sloan old/pure white mix because I just like them together.

but wait..... you don't have to prime with ASCP right?

That's right but that that little can will be gone faster than you know it with light colours especially if you are going for more complete coverage.

Here she is all styled up for her closeup.
Would love to keep her if I needed another long dresser. I just love them in white.
but this one was sold before I even got this post up to be turned into a bathroom vanity.

the before: it is hard to see but there were a lot of smashed in the front of the wood and the top had some pretty deep scratches that needed repairing.

Have a great Monday,


  1. Just beautiful Meg ( I've just just finished working on her little sister - almost identical - but not ready to post it yet )

  2. That's beautiful and I hope you grab my featured button from featuring your gorgeous porch.

    1. i sure will Kim and meant to do so sooner, busy busy. thank you for you support as of late. i truly appreciate it from such a wonderful blogger/person as yourself.

  3. Gorgeous piece! It looks just beautiful painted! I'm visiting from Wow Us Wednesday. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That dresser looks exactly like the one I had as a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF I still had it, I would SURELY redo it and maybe even make it a sink vanity!!!!


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