Thursday, June 13, 2013

The chippy chic table in its new home

I entirely didn't mean for this show and tell to be so long down the road. We have been swamped with work and a little road trip to the east coast in the middle to chill out and this post just got lost in the middle.

I shared the makeover of this hallway console table here which was redone in Miss Mustard Seed grainsack and a lot of distressing.


all styled up in the upstairs hall. lots of white and green mixed in with my industrial pulleys
i love the fabric on the chair pillow, it is a colourful embroidered fabric (and they are available in my store)

i love the white of the shutters on the wall (confession: i bought these in an amazing green colour and was so convinced they would be amazing up here but got them in place and hated how they looked. the amazing green looked dirty and dark up here, so out came one sided white paint. now LOVE.)

ah demijohns and suitcases

i love this leather chair that we got many years ago. it is very fall in its appearance though. i attached a light green striped grainsack to the chair with a wood hydro clamp. not permanent and gives the light look i was going for.

 i won this photo of these 2 people at a local auction and love everything about it. their faces, clothes. i think they are in some kind of a vineyard. weird obsession with older black and white photos

 the other end of the hallway. springy and industrial.

Off to a busy day for me

Have a great one yourself,


  1. Love your style, your blog & your Etsy shop! Just started following you after several posts on other blogs of that great porch redo....

    Would love to get my hands on some of those wood hydro clips! If you decide to sell those, or find some to sell, I'm your girl! Love the temporary look of the grainsack on the leather (and I saw the other one holding the boxwood wreath on the frame!

    1. hey rita
      i actually did have these clips for sale a couple of months ago but sold out other than the 2 i kept. if i come across more i will let you know. thanks for visiting

  2. I just found your fun Paint Project and would love to have you link up and my party!

    I will follow on my way out!!


  3. Looks have a lovely home full of beautiful vignettes!! I'm your newest follower :)

  4. I love that table and wow..those green bottles are amazing.

  5. love your new blog look! and this table and furniture grouping is wonderful. what a great idea to just clamp on a grainsack to that chair!

  6. I love this table and your vignettes are always totally amazing. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. What a wonderful gift for styling layers you have. Looks beautiful.-Aimee

  8. Saw a great image of yours at Common Ground and wanted to see your site. Love the chippy chic table and all the wonderful finds you have on display! We love a lot of the same types of items and elements!

  9. Have been on your site most of the day, such an inspiration. The table above, what treatment/paint did you use on the drawers? I gotta know!

    1. hi kristencarrie
      the drawers were done with the same paint, the miss mustard seed grainsack but only 1 coat so the coverage is just lighter than the rest of the table. thanks for looking around and enjoy!


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