Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ironstone heaven high

It is the long weekend here in Canada and what does that mean?

It means the boys are golfing and the women are shopping/painting lol

My mom and I plan road trips every Canada Day weekend to get our vintage shopping on. We are not mall/clothes shopping people but we can hit a thrift store harder than Macklemore.
So we headed out to the Haldimand county area and hit up some of our favourite haunts.

Our day yesterday started out slow with respect to goodies and it rained the entire day. It got progressively better until after getting lost and driving in circles BAM! we hit the honey hole as Mike Wolfe from Pickers would say.

I have never seen so many pieces of ironstone in one place and for a pickable price for me and my shop

I swear I was on sensory overload and it felt like I was getting an anxiety attack with my mom walking behind me laughing at me.

I love to antique shop and this anxiety stress only hits me in the best stores.
I ended up with a headache I was so excited.

Here is the load from yesterday. not including the table. it is just a work in progress in my garage and looked nice for display 

90% of this stuff is for sale (i was a good girl shopping for myself. my husband will be proud)
but, I am stashing a good 50% of it for the show in September

7 freakin' platters. oh my word. and that covered dish in front is a toothbrush holder. seriously dying all over again. 

Have a lovely weekend



  1. You really did hit the ironstone jackpot!! What fun!
    Mary Alice

  2. Oh what a haul!! Ironstone of plenty!! Hope to find some of my own tomorrow going antiquing in eastern Ontario.

  3. Wow, those are some really gorgeous pieces. I love your fabulous finds. Hugs, Marty

  4. A toothbrush holder??? Who would have known! Great haul. XO, Pinky

  5. Oh my! I know EXACTLY what that headaches feels like - I get those too! And then I can't sleep the night of one of those days - my mind races over what all I bought, adding it up, prioritizing my favorites...crazy isn't it? I even wrote a blog post about it. Congrats on the Mother Lode! :)


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