Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An early summer walk in the garden

Good morning my friends.

First things first: 
 I am adding a reminder again here in case you haven't heard via all the other blogs. I would love for you all to still follow me once Google Reader is extinct next Monday.

You can choose to subscribe with the RSS feed, sign up for Bloglovin' (which I really like and it is quite easy to use and import your reading list) and or the myriad of others out there.  I am also on Linky Followers, I will be honest I don't update the post info as often as I should but at least you can still find me.

Looking forward to you staying with me. 

We are getting into our summer heat here in southern Ontario and I am loving it. We wait all winter and this year a long cold spring for it to be this beautiful. Humidity be damned, I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Our garden goes through many changes throughout the season and I love seeing all the different flowers and foliage as they change.

Let's go for a meander shall we....

We'll start at the front door and work our way around to the back garden.

So take off your shoes and let the grass squish between your toes.

That was a good walk.

Time to take a seat and enjoy the view
Pretty soon it will be a great pile of daisies and lillies.

Have a great one,


  1. I switched over to Bloglovin' and followed you. Nice to see your yard this morning -- mine got run over by a thunderstorm last night!

  2. Hi, Meg -
    Your garden is beautiful and lush!! It looks so stylish with all the urns, accessories and architectural elements. We are entering our hottest months in DC, and I won't be gardening as much - too hot and muggy.
    PS - So glad we've connected via Instagram.

  3. Love your gardens, so beautiful. YOur yard art is fabulous too. Hugs, Marty

  4. What a gorgeous yard!!! I love the window that opens outward. Very European. :)

  5. Love your porch and garden....such wonderful attention to detail and color. Anything rusty or rusty favorite!

  6. Great porch and the flowers with the pinks. yellow and green. Beautiful ferns and hostas.

  7. I'm creating new borders from scratch and am clueless how to do it. I'm taking tons of ideas and inspiration away from the absolutely gorgeous borders in your yard. Oh my!

    1. thanks laurel. if i had any advice for gardens besides staring at lots of photos and magazines (mine get wrinkled from so much use) know what colours you want first, the amount of light your area gets and be sure to get plants of all different heights. i have a lot of people ask me this about my garden and a very common issue is people buy plants that all behave the same, or bloom at the same time and then you end up with a one levelled pile of green most of the year. good luck. let me know if i can be of any help.


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