Monday, June 10, 2013

A little Turkish in the bathroom

Good morning wonderful people.
The start to another week.

Prior to our Houzz shoot,
I was looking for a new pretty towel(s) for our upstairs bathroom. I had kept the same white towels on the bar for a few years and was just changing out the top hand towel.

I settled on a light new single towel with some fringe.

I found the Turkish Peshtemal from this etsy shop.

I think it looks light and fresh for the summer season and it is easy to wash.
Plus the fringe is darling. (a little british for you)

Have a great day,


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savvy southern style


  1. Yay, a fellow Canadian blogger, from a newbie to this blogland ( So glad I found you. I LOVE your home! Added you to my feed and will continue poking around your site.

  2. I need to know where you find the BIG vine balls!!! I have smaller ones but never see the big ones. Thanks!!!! Love the new towel too:):) XO, Pinky

    1. hi pinky
      the vine balls are actually made out of grapevines. they are made in canada and locally as i live smack dab in the middle of the niagara wine region. however, if you are going to find these in your area they will be found at a nursery/greenhouse that also sells garden decor/planters etc.

  3. Being Turkish, I was really excited to see your new towels. Normally we use them when we go to the "hamam"(Turkish Baths) to cover ourselves. But really liked the idea how you've used it:)


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