Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Speaking of laundry.. how about some soap!

Good morning everyone.
Thank you for all the kind words yesterday regarding our exciting impending Houzz tour.

Speaking of laundry, in case you haven't read any of the other tutorials or reviews out there I am throwing my hat in the ring with my homemade laundry soap.

This is our second batch of soap as the first batch from last year finally ran out so what better time to show the recipe and our experience with using it.

After reading some of the tutorials last year, I found it hard to find the exact products around me so here are the options in our Canadian grocery stores.

Laundry soap ingredients:

1 box of Arm & Hammer washing soda
1 box of Borax (best retro label ever)
1 big 2 kg box of Arm & Hammer baking soda
1 container of Oxi Clean
1 package of 2 Sunlight washing bars (original recipes use Naptha bars but they are really hard to come by here)
2 bottles of Downy Unstoppables: choose your scent (there is only 1 bottle shown here but the more you add the more the smell)

get yourself a lidded tupperware box or a garbage bag. don't go small or you won't be able to stir/shake your mixture. dump all the ingredients besides the sunlight bars into the container.


grate the sunlight bars and dump on top of the other ingredients in your container


it will look a little like macaroni on top

 stir everything in your container to mix the ingredients. you can now either leave it in your original container or store some of it in a pretty container in your laundry room.

we have a top loading washing machine and i like to get it running and add just less than 1/3 cup right into the water before adding the laundry in.
my mom also uses this recipe and she has an HE washer. she uses approx 2 tbsp for her washer and it works just as great

review time: this laundry soap smells amazing and gets your whites white. i use it on our sheets for wonderful freshness and crazy grass stains from gardening come right out (within reason of course)

I do not suggest using a ton of this in a load of black clothing as with all that oxi washing action it may lighten your colour.

So stop staring at the laundry on the floor and mix yourself up some amazing smelling soap to save some cash and get washing.

Have a great day,


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