Friday, May 31, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration: May 2013

Where the heck did May go? Between everything we have had going on this month and the mostly awful weather, this month didn't even seem to get here and it is over.
I know if the worst thing you have to complain about is the weather, you are living the good life.

But alas here we are at May 31 and that means it is a special someone's birthday.
MY DAD!!! He isn't a huge fan of birthdays so we try to keep the birthday fever pitch to a minimum. Happy birthday anyways to  the best father in the world and one of the best helpers a girl could ask for. Believe me I drag him into a lot of crap.
I didn't have tons of time this month to hang out on Pinterest, keeping busy has helped none with my addiction, I missed my picture watching and hitting the pin it button.

Here is what I did find this month and thought I would share with you.

and just as a side note: almost died of excitement to be featured on miss mustard seed's blog last night. she is amazing and shows the power of positive thinking and determination.

i have a rooster, i think i will paint it green. this kitchen is fabulous though, you should check it out.


the crate with wheels is great. then i can just roll my wine over to me no need to strain to drink. lol


i love finding new canadian blogs. this living room/kitchen remodel is great and very canadian cottage meets country modern. love it.

green towels. need i say more.


those industrial green planters. must . find. now.


the genius that is brooke giannetti and her husband. her instagram photos are giving me a visual heart attack. i am going to try to create this amazing simple trellis on my shed and a new garage wall garden i am just beginning

Hope the sun is shining on your last day of May,


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Morey's Salty Nuts

Welcome to all the new visitors and followers from the many generous blogs that featured our home this week. I am so happy to have you here at my little slice of green eclectic paradise.

A little known or maybe unknown fact to you is, my all-time favorite show is the Gilmore Girls. My wonderful husband bought me all of the seasons a few years ago and I have probably burned lines into them. I would rather watch the fast talking Lorelai and wonderfully innocent Rory any day than some of the other garbage on tv. Honey Boo Boo, I'm just saying.  It is one of those show that will always make me laugh and feel better when things are just looking a little murky.

Trev and I went to one of our favorite antique shows a couple of weeks ago and I came across this awesome green dented can for salted nuts.

I immediately loved it because of the colour, then the price and then I got caught up remembering in the last season of the Gilmore Girls at the spring fling festival Taylor (who doesn't love Taylor and his shenanigans) turned the entire town into a hay bale maze and at the town meeting Babette gets all bundled up about Morey's salty nuts:

"What about Morey's salty nuts? How's he supposed to have his salty nuts booth if we don't have a lemonade booth? If people start eating salty nuts and they don't have easy access to lemonade, their mouths will fall off."

It is no secret I am a vintage lover and I love knowing the story behind things. Just like the oil painting in our dining room from my childhood neighbour, this can now holds a simple albeit strange story for me. 

I popped the boxwood that was sitting here inside the can and moved around the items on top of the console table. I found the gnarly huge green vase at the Goodwill. I can imagine in some settings it may seem quite tacky but the colour was just perfect and I think it is more quirky than tacky. Kind of like Kirk.

a little flower arrangement i update from the garden every once in awhile in an old crystal tumbler


Anyone else love the Gilmore Girls still or have another favorite show that still makes you laugh or cry?

Have a fabulous day,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A funny story about seeing yourself in the mirror

I found this really neat mirrored wardrobe at the Goodwill with a yucky varnish finish. The mirror on the doors however had the great crazing that only comes with time. Inspiration struck and I loaded, actually the nice guys from the Goodwill that can see me coming now loaded it into my truck.

I had time last weekend to get this armoire done and got it right into place in my photo "booth" setup, styled it up, snapped some photos hit play on my camera and snapped a brain cell. Then I started laughing because I honestly hadn't even had a thought occur to me that the mirrored doors reflected everything in the garage. 

NOT pretty.

My other furniture, an orange seen better days lazy boy, the lawn mower, a rough cut end table, piles of paint cans, the recycling bin, it was all in the photo.

And so was I, green pants and green t-shirt with paint on my face.

I ran in the house laughing to show Trev and the horrid photos, of course he tried to save face "they aren't that bad, no one will notice"

Did he know this world of bloggers I so love with their detail orient? and how on earth am I supposed to sell a gorgeous sage green cupboard with an orange 1970's lazy boy in the reflection.

PLAN B: Make a new backdrop with pretty reflections.

i grabbed the old hand truck and moved the wardrobe to the side of our garage with a reflection of grass and gardens. mucho better!


 this piece is mix of annie sloan chateau grey and old white with a combination of waxes. very little distressing was done as the piece is veneer underneath and it looks more cohesive and attractive as a less shabby piece.
perfect for someone's home or cottage.

Have a lovely day,

Monday, May 27, 2013

A girl and her lamb in the dining room

I popped in here Saturday to show my hoard from picking that morning.
I hit a few garage sales but it was a less than an inspirational morning probably because I was looking for something specific. Good furniture for my hoard and all I encountered was plastic and very bad veneer.

I then went to have a visit with my mom and their neighbour who has lived there since I was a little kid was getting ready to start clearing out some of her things from years of collecting. My hands were itchy just talking about it.

So over we went and spent 2 hours hunting through the house and garage and sharing stories of years ago. It was a blast.

My favorite thing to come home and land in the me pile was this amazing oil painting of a girl and her lamb.

She found a home in the dining room and her gold frame fits right in with the rest of the room. I also love that I know where it came from and the story behind it.

Have a lovely day,


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunny pick day

It was a good day of picking everyone.
Check out the size of that old lightbulb.

2 piles, me pile, store pile.

Watch for things to hit the shop, I am so behind in listing. The cameras are starting to roll out and there are about 10 more of them. 

Have a great day


Friday, May 24, 2013

A lovely country folding table

A lovely little table just sitting under a pile of barnboard in my favorite junking burrow.

There are almost no lights in this barn and I could just glimpse the antique paper top and it was stable and folding. Oh boy!

A mix of chalk paints and this lovely table is ready for a new life as a side table.

The table is available for sale in my etsy shop if you would like to give it the perfect home.

Size: 25"w x 14.5"d x 20.5"h



 the top of this table is a type of paper with age and wear spots that make it look like a tapestry. the sweetest cottage and woman out by her pond. i have lightly waxed the top to stop further wear and preserve the age it acquired.

the before, dirty and sad from being at the bottom of a pile

Have a great day,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let the outdoor siestas begin.... Outdoor Room 2013

Happy Thursday lovely people.

In all the craziness that was Houzz, we got our outdoor room in tip top shape a little quicker than normal and thank goodness the weather was cooperating. We only had plants in our kitchen a couple of nights for the fear of frost.

The cats thought it was their own personal forest.

After we got everything in shape we still had a couple of things on our to-do list for the season and it's more of a we'll get to it hopefully sooner than later before we are melting in the sun.

- Our back patio fries from about 6-8pm so I need to whip up a new idea for sun blockage, I am think drop down blinds.
- When the heat really gets stomping, the air gets to be little and we have been yapping about putting a ceiling fan above the below sitting area since we moved in. we're aiming for this year. maybe 

Now that's enough chatter from me. There are a lot of photos this year. 
Get yourself a glass a wine and enjoy! Geez unless it's 9 in the morning and you are having a coffee instead. Can't seem to get my brain out of patio mode.

few new bits this year, same white and black trellis pillows as the living room, the green trellis fabric i purchased from and is a dwell studio design. the little green table was actually an old table i had sitting around doing nothing so i hit it with mms boxwood milk paint and polyurethane because it will be outside (so no waxing).

meet walter. my new favourite old gnome i named after my outdoor loving grandpa.


update: this wine barrel table got a new look as an ottoman here

i added a grainsack runner stapled to the table so it doesn't fly away and a new crate display wall.

we spent a weekend at the end of april building a new waterfall for our pond as the previous years pot was crumbling through and wouldn't hold water anymore. i will show more photos of the pond when i get some garden photos blooming.

my obsession this year. white begonias. i can't get enough. they are so romantic and pretty looking.

Thanks for visiting our outdoor space,

Have a great day,