Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The GREEN buffet.

I hemmed and hawed and obsessed over what colour this buffet should be before I even had a buffet to put the colour on. Should it be white, should it be gray. What about my favourite colour green?
Our old buffet that matched our set was not the most functional with the layout of doors and drawers for what we needed to store inside it.
Therefore, I resorted to the hunt.

Here is the story of our lovely new buffet.
Yup, there's a story.
Trevor and I were out of town for the weekend and I was using my handy Iphone to Kijiji-it-up and came across a great somewhat unloved oak buffet.
The lady was awesome and responded right away, which was amazing because sometimes you think people who list their stuff on Kijiji or Craigslist don't actually want to sell it by the speed with which they respond to phone calls or e-mails.
She said she was selling it for her mother-in-law and wouldn't be there that afternoon but there was wiggle room with the price. I love when they say that.

We knew the area we had to go to and thought nothing could go wrong as it was a nice area of the city. Trevor and I don't have the greatest luck with going to really friendly people's houses off of Kijiji ads. Our luck continued.

It was the only falling down shack on the whole street. You know the one with 10 cars in the driveway, suspicious people sitting alone in a car in the driveway smoking something.
We ventured in anyways as we were there together, so strength in numbers right? and I really wanted the buffet.

We couldn't see inside the house there was so much smoke and all of the 3 people inside had no teeth. Our faces were probably priceless.
"Don't worry you can leave your shoes on" 
Uh, I'm not taking off my shoes in case I need to make a run for it.

The buffet was in the middle of the living room and the old man that was eating on the couch kept grunting at us while we were inspecting the piece because we were getting in front of his tv program.

I really nailed the lady on the price, as there was hardware missing and I knew to get the smell out was going to be a feat. The bonus side though, gorgeous sturdy oak in the size we needed. Plus one of those guys sitting in one of the cars helped us load it into our truck. YIKES!

here is the before, missing some hardware but lovely lines

Once we got it home safe I made a final decision. I decided to go for it and not be a chicken *@#T, and not just paint it white or grey. I had been itching to try milk paint and thought this might be a good place to use it but, definitely with the bonding agent as I am not great with unpredictability when bringing a piece into my vision. I looked and looked but there weren't too many people using and posting their pictures of Miss Mustard Seed boxwood. I ordered it anyways from the Purple Painted Lady.
I gave it a test run with a little stool but used the bonding agent for the buffet.


If you read Miss Mustard Seed's blog you have probably seen her mention that at every point in every piece she hates it and wants to drag it to the curb.
This was that moment but, I wanted to light mine on fire and send it into the ditch. Probably could have made my whole neighborhood smell like smoke. The green milk paint has so many pigments and needed to be constantly stirred and parts were coming out lime green and others a blue-green and it was driving me fricking crazy.
I know that is supposed to be the beauty of the paint but, it does not look beautiful at this point and makes you want to cry.

I spent an easy 2 hours antique waxing(MMS), dark waxing a little (AS),rubbing on and off with clear wax, sanding, and grinding with wire brushes. I used my paint only car buffer to smooth out the wax and then another hour recleaning the smell out of the inside from 50 years of 6 packs a day.

the milk glass and brass hardware came from etsy and  really gave the piece the feeling i was going for. i wanted it to pop and at the same time tie in with the rest of the room.i think the white knobs do that.

the lamps on the buffet are the same lamps that were here previously but repurposed with new shades from Restoration Hardware. Their drum shades are nice and solid and no funny light filtering. The only thing I would not if purchasing these is the "white" interior is more of a reflective gray white, which worked fine in our room but for someone expecting white this could be a major turnoff.


there are many shades of green in this room to tie together and the verdance hot house pillows bring them all in one place

i removed the center panel decal and sanded the area so the panel would just be flat. i distressed this piece quite a bit to give it more of an old farmhouse feel


I'd have to say the bonding agent worked quite well on this piece and there wasn't really any unpredictable flaking. I'm not sure how I would like this colour without the use of antiquing/dark waxes though as my experience had a whole cacophony of different tones. 

i love the reflections in the mirrors of the china cabinet and riddling rack in this photo. it also shows how all my pillow-palooza fabrics go together. (more on those soon)

Have you used milk paint? and if yes, did you notice any issues with colour streaking as well?

I will use milk paint again and I am interested in trying a lighter colour to see how it reacts. Maybe on some of the pieces I have lined up for sale. Hmmmm.

Have a great day,



  1. You are kidding me. I have been looking at her boxwood color and couldn't find anybody doing projects with it so I could see the actual color. I love it! I will be getting some boxwood for my project now.

    1. I know Pam. It was a real chore and there were only a few photos out there, and not great ones at that to really see the colour. Good luck with you project.

  2. It's just beautiful...............I haven't tried milk paint yet - but every single project I see that has used makes me want to run out and get some -
    It was worth the experience to get it right? lol - We've had some of those -

    1. I think it was worth the experience Suzan but, I definitely think the project has to warrant the look of milk paint. It has a real antique vibe, which I love but many may not.

  3. Oh my goodness it's beauuutiful!! I love the little birds sitting on it also:)
    Great job and great find.

    1. Thank you and thanks for visiting. I always seem to fit birds in somewhere. They are a collecting guilty pleasure.

  4. It looks amazing! I love this color as well, and it's so nice to finally see it on a large scale piece of furniture!

    1. I think everyone likes to be safe and I myself have fallen into that trap. I just had to go for it with this buffet but I was definitely giving myself second thoughts halfway through. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Wow! It came out amazing! I have the "I hate it" moment so many times too. I had tried Lucketts Green, but I think it was too light. Boxwood is a shade that I think I would like to use. I also like the look of the milk glass knobs--it gives it such a cozy farmhouse feel.
    Great job!

    1. Thanks Susan. I was pondering luckett's but thought it would be too light and I am glad I went with boxwood. The boxwood needs a lot of working with the wax to darken but it's worth it.

  6. These is a gorgeous piece! Love your decorating and accents!
    Visiting from Savvy Southern Style-

  7. Oh my! I just discovered your blog and have spent way too many hours (when I should have been grading papers on a snow day in NE) reading the WHOLE thing! Can I come visit your house??? It's probably only a 3 or 4 day drive...I love you style, your creativity, your taste...and I like how you seem to know what you like and stick with it. I just feel like a read a great decorating book. Have you thought about writing one??? Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration I have garnered and I look forward to your future posts via e-mail.

    1. Thanks Karen. I don't think its that long of a drive but I will let you know in a few months when I make the road trip with my hubby. I have thought about writing a book in the distant future but you know the regular issues come up, my house isn't all white and covered in burlap etc. I am really happy you visited and found so much inspiration and am sorry about your papers. lol. I look forward to writing more posts for you to enjoy. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Lovely piece. LOVE that green. Its my favorite color.

    Enjoyed your "tale" of the pick up too, too funny!

    How did you get out the cigarette smoke smell?

    Small House /Big Sky Donna
    White Oak Studio Designs / Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations

  9. Oh my, that's a beautiful piece, as well as the whole room.

    It must be something with the greens that require lots of stirring, re-stirring... and re-stirring again to blend the pigments because I had the same experience with Lucketts green. I'm planning to use Boxwood on my next project so I'll keep this in mind.

    I really like a blue-green. Has anyone ever mixed Boxwood with Kitchen Scale?

  10. You are hilarious! I love the story of getting it and can actually imagine those guys 'grunting' at you! What a spectacle! The piece is beautiful too and was worth the trip!

  11. I LOVE that color! Before I saw your story, I had decided to paint an old sofa table we have in this green color. That is the color I had in my mind before seeing anything similar. I went to Benjamin Moore and found a paint very close to it and added some plaster of paris to make homemade chalk paint. I haven't painted the table yet (so many things getting in my way!), but I hope it looks half as good as yours does! Thank you for this--Now I can show my hubbers my vision. Hopefully he can see it too... :)

  12. I have looked at your photos repeatedly, as our tastes are very similar (except I don't have the animal photos in my home). This piece (and how it is styled) is my absolute favorite piece in your home. In fact, I had to look b/c Ballard Designs catalog is selling a piece that looks very similar. The color may have given you a hard time, but it is absolutely beautiful, and you have many beautiful things. I love your green bottle collection, too!

  13. Hi,
    I am in the 1st coat (crying) process of painting a hutch. As you mentioned, my colors are all over the place. I hope the second coat will smooth everything out. I love your piece so much. Can you be a little more details on how you used the antique and dark wax? Thank you in advance.

    1. hi kelli
      good luck with your venture, don't worry it gets better as you get closer to the end. it really will just looks horrible until you get to waxing. in regards to the waxing, i went right into the dark wax prior to the clear wax as i wanted the colour to be darker. this colour green takes a lot of working with the waxes and working and working and then rubbing and buffing. keep going until you get the tone and sheen you want. i used mainly mms antique wax for my buffet as i didn't want the colour change that comes with the other waxes.
      have a good time

  14. I'm so taken with your way of embracing green that I am re-thinking doing away with the green laundry cabinets in my house. Our spec house is 3 years old and the builder's wife spun everything towards green and aged light brown-yellowish with cream trim. I have been plotting for 3 years to rid the house of those colors, but after looking at many of your furniture and house colors, I'm thinking I should just go with it.


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