Friday, April 19, 2013

Church pews and fabric

Thank you for all the amazing comments on our dining room makeover. I love the room no matter what and it is exciting to know you share my affection of green and old stuff.

I was originally looking for all bankers chairs for around our ficticious at that point table or a mess of old chairs and paint them all the same colour.

Then my mom called.

She found a lady selling 11 foot church pews dirt cheap on Kijiji and I had wanted one for our front porch so of course we roped in our husbands to go pick them up for us.

I should have taken a picture of them coming home with these massive pews hanging out the back of our truck it was funny, compounded by the looks we got when they got out of the truck.

What the hell are you going to do with this thing? 

It was a Kodak moment, I tell ya.

Instead of putting the pew on the porch we decided to chop 'er down and put it in the dining room. Can you still hear the groaning?


the pew in its entirety being sized up for chopping. usually underneath the seat there is trim that can be removed and then remove the nails and then the end cap just slides off. of course, that sounds a little easier and there is some swearing and malletting but the end just comes off.


next up, measure, measure again and use your handy frogtape to mark off where you want to cut. do no forget to account for the end you removed in your total length.


time for the reciprocating saw. not a bad idea to have another person sitting on the other end of the pew so it doesn't shake.


end-less. don't worry about the center support being in the wrong spot. they are usually attached with just a few screws and can be re-centered in no time.


now, fit your end cap back in place. it may need a little tweaking as the back rest may be a different angle slightly. wood fill all the new screw areas and sand away.
this is a good project if you are planning to paint the pew,  you may need to strip and restain to match the filler if you are going that route 

in the room ready for paint


i love annie sloan chalk paint. little tip from me to you on a large scale piece especially light pure white. even though you do not need to prime with chalk paint, that little quart is not cheap and it is much more efficient to prime and then paint to save money and worry that you may not have enough and then wait for your supplier to ship you more.
after painting we added felt feet to the pew and chairs to help them slide easier and no floor scratching.


 these chairs were a combo of oak and bad painting but now are happily mismatched with ASCP pure white just like the pew

Onto the fabrics:

the pew saw 2 green velvet pillows and 2 fashion fabric black and white stripe. i hung an antique black stripe grainsack over the back to help tie all the tones together.
the pillows can scootch right under the buffet if extra room is needed when we have lots of eat-in diners.


the little rosette looks great in white


the ikea byholma chairs got the celerie kemble hot house verdance pillows. 
oh my i love this fabric.

I hope this inspires you to chop up your own church pew.
Be prepared for all the last supper comments.

Have a great day,




  1. Love it! Looks very solid, and has nice rosette. :)

  2. Hi Meg, I just found your blog from Cedar Hill Ranch. LOVE your dining room and that great church pew and green buffet. Hope you'll come by this week and link up at Be Inspired on Thursday morning...your newest follower.

  3. You have a really lovely and relaxing home, Meg! I love how you decorate and incorporate each color and design to meld well with each other. The church pew is a great addition indeed. And the white paint brought more light to the room. Thank you for the inspiration and also for the tips! I can't wait to read more of your projects. Earnestine Kettering


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