Sunday, March 17, 2013


Do you remember the movie "Over the Hedge"? The one with the hyperactive squirrel who never sits down and talks a million miles a minute? When that movie came out, we were talking about it at a family dinner and it was implied by my aunt that my mother and I might share Hammy's syndrome. The talking thing was probably more directed at me than my mom.

Do you remember the movie "UP" where Dug the dog gets hopelessly distracted by the idea of a squirrel to chase?

SQUIRREL! ha, gets me everytime!

Little fact about my husband Trevor, he loves squirrels. Especially the black squirrels and announces their sightings likes a sportscaster.

It took me about 3 seconds to decide on the purchase of this pillow.
Those of you who follow along on Instagram got a sneak peek of this guy, so enjoy the more detailed look.

this is photography turned into a fabric pillow from the etsy shop
it has attracted a lot of attention from visitors and a lot of laughter. every space needs a little meaningful quirk.
this shop has wonderful customer service and many wonderful photos that can be 

right at home in my reading corner with a fresh spring vignette


SQUIRREL! see now you're laughing too.


and since we're already hanging out in this corner, might as well show you my spring bunny and branches


the clear glass fairy lamp was a recent thrifty find and gives the greatest glow at night. i have another in green. i feel a collection coming on.


i totally judged this book by its cover. can you believe that design. GORGEOUS! 2 buckeroos.

the sweater vase got the addition of some spring pussy willows and magnolia branches.

Have a happy Sunday,
my squirrel self is closet organizing. so cathartic.


  1. Oh, that pillow looks awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing the blog with me!

  2. Sooo cute! :) I love squirrel pillow ! :)

  3. what a cute cute squirrel pillow, it just looks wonderful on the leather chair, by the way is also gorg....the squirrel pillow makes it perfect...

  4. From one squirrel lover to another...I LOVE it!


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