Friday, March 1, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration: February 2013

The short month has ended and we are that much closer to the warm weather, green grass (my tractor is calling my name), and fresh growth in the garden. More green items and spring related decor is sneaking into our home and onto my pinterest boards.

Have a little peek here and then there (just hit the Pinterest button at the right)

oh my, the garden items in this photo, the botanical poster.......

lovely potting area

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

what a neat idea for all the abandoned glass decanters at the thrift store

i am totally in love with this grey buffet. i want to duplicate this baby for my dining room. now to find a simple buffet that would like to painted

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

i showed this pin to trevor and he is all over doing this in the spring. i am the worst for leaving my garden tools in the plants, on the lawn, in trees. at the end of the year when cleaning up i usually find 4-5 pairs of pruners, 3 gloves. this may help me clean up after myself, plus it is so cute to have a mailbox in my garden.

i have loved this room since it first appeared in canadian house and home. the online tv episode on their website is beautiful of this home

bird plates. LOVE! green glass. LOVE! does anyone know where to get either of these?

this kitchen is amazing and if those lights weren't so darn expensive i would have totally stole the idea in our dining room


mousetraps. who knew?

Hope you have been inspired,

Great time to finish up some winter projects before the warm weather comes.
Check our china cabinet we just finished up here

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