Saturday, March 9, 2013

I smell grass in our future!

Gosh but not soon enough. We are supposed to be in for a balmy 10 degree day with sun today. I am practically chomping at the bit to be outside for longer than it takes to sprint to the car and turn on the seat heater.
Time to rip down the remaining Christmas greenery (seeing as it is almost Easter) and whip up the spring door decor.
I carved out some time this week to put away the fur blankets and pinecones (I actually can't believe how many I have picked up off the ground over the years and have to store every spring) 
May seem a little presumptuous to be putting the furs away so soon. There was still sneaky hidden glitter from Christmas under some cushions, and rabbits were just hopping to get out of their storage totes.

They just hopped right onto the mantel. 
Rabbits and tigers oh my....

green, green and rabbits.

i found the amazing lavendar to add to this mantlescape, and the baby white bunnies. the vintage trophy scooped up a lime green pear


every season is a challenge to make the ecelectic pieces of our African art collection work with the more rustic antique pieces. the right hand corner of our mantel holds 3 of our large bronzes from Cameroon


the full view. the part you aren't seeing is me climbing on my coffee table with my tripod to get this shot. then tripping and stepping on the cat. hence the infrequent appearance of this long shot.

the mantel with the sofa table vignette from the back. kind of a reverse sneak peek.

Is it wishful thinking that the more green you add inside, the faster it will come outside?

Have a great day,


  1. Rabbits and tigers ....they look good together ;)

    I also cannot wait to see more green outside. Have a good weekend!

  2. Very Pretty! both the mantel and the table vignette. It just snowed again here! need to see green.

  3. I love the touch of greenery and lavender! So springy!! Come by my blog for a visit!


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