Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Tablescape

It's Easter already. The sun is shining this morning and it is going to be a whopping 11 degrees (celsius for my american friends). I am headed to the outdoors but thought I would show you our Easter table for this year.
Easter is usually my holiday on deck for cooking, and I love it. Spring, green, fresh, plus I have the plates.

Seeing as we usually eat in the dining room, this was a hard post to shoot without showing too much of the room since that reveal I have been promising is still not all the way there. Yes I am being a fuss-bag but so what it's my blog and I'll fuss if I want to.

simple wicker chargers, white plates and majolica ware from portugal that i collect.

i'm not so much for cutesy stuff, but i love me a good white bunny for easter and spring.
 the amazing brass candelabra is actually an articulating candle holder and all the arms adjust up and down, angled whatever your mood suits. i scooped it up in a trip to toronto recently. love it.

the antique champagne bucket from france came out of the kitchen to play with hydrangeas.
our grocery stores have amazing flowers right now.

the new fabric i was raving about on instagram makes its first appearance in the dining room. it is my favourite ever. hot house flowers in verdance by schumacher. it makes me happy with green just looking at it on my way by.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone with family and friends. I hope the sun shines on you and you are able to enjoy some free time.




  1. Oh Meg, your table looks beautiful. Right out of a Pottery Barn catalog! Watch out - they might copycat you. =)


  2. What a beautiful table! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle


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