Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration: March 2013

Ok, so if you just got feed bombed with 3 posts and almost the same title I apologize. Blogger and I are not on the same page this evening.

Moving on, the Easter feasting has completed, the rabbits behaved on the table.

A little inspiration for the eyes tonight....

Pinterest changed the layout on things this past month with the embed button so, I had to change-up how I add the pins here. These images can all be found via my Pinterest boards or by clicking the source button which will take you right to the site they belong to.


have you seen miss mustard seeds completed kitchen. lovely, rustic and diy'd.


i love this colour combination. the green with black and white. definitely a favourite right now.



such a happy, cheerful white corner


this main floor makeover marked the semi-return of an inspiring blog. the main floor is worth a look if not just to stare at those balloon chairs.

i made these for breakfast this morning and they are delicious. it will be a frequent repeat in our home.

again with the tones and vintage vibe. i can't help myself.


this reno is a must-see. a lot of it is thrifted. right up my alley. plus, i love this pillow

So many ideas to fill our heads.

Have a great day,


Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Tablescape

It's Easter already. The sun is shining this morning and it is going to be a whopping 11 degrees (celsius for my american friends). I am headed to the outdoors but thought I would show you our Easter table for this year.
Easter is usually my holiday on deck for cooking, and I love it. Spring, green, fresh, plus I have the plates.

Seeing as we usually eat in the dining room, this was a hard post to shoot without showing too much of the room since that reveal I have been promising is still not all the way there. Yes I am being a fuss-bag but so what it's my blog and I'll fuss if I want to.

simple wicker chargers, white plates and majolica ware from portugal that i collect.

i'm not so much for cutesy stuff, but i love me a good white bunny for easter and spring.
 the amazing brass candelabra is actually an articulating candle holder and all the arms adjust up and down, angled whatever your mood suits. i scooped it up in a trip to toronto recently. love it.

the antique champagne bucket from france came out of the kitchen to play with hydrangeas.
our grocery stores have amazing flowers right now.

the new fabric i was raving about on instagram makes its first appearance in the dining room. it is my favourite ever. hot house flowers in verdance by schumacher. it makes me happy with green just looking at it on my way by.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone with family and friends. I hope the sun shines on you and you are able to enjoy some free time.



Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Milk Paint arrives at MT-Tails

Boom Baby!

We have moved on to milk paint in this house.

I have been itching to try Miss Mustard Seed's new paint line since it came out and since I have read her book cover to cover a few times.

I also did not start out with the lovely Ironstone or Grainsack. Nope diving right into the colour with this project. 

Bet you don't even have to guess to hard which colour I chose.


I know huge shocker that it is green. A lovely green it is though. 

Ok, a few pictures before review time and then some more pictures.

 Some chatter: I watched the video on the Miss Mustard Seed paint website prior to use so I didn't totally screw up the mixing and was overjoyed to find she doesn't measure the powder or water so if I was off by a bit, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

This paint is so utterly different to use, and I know that has been said before but it really is. It is watery, doesn't look or smell like paint (actually smells like toothpaste a bit)  and you need hardly nothing for a coat of paint on a small project.

This stool took 2 coats to get to almost opaque. I wasn't worried about the perfect coverage as I wanted it to look old and beaten.

I used 2 coats of MMS antiquing wax right over the paint and added some AS clear wax afterwards over that.

The antiquing wax was actually my favorite part of this project. It doesn't need to be worked as much as the AS dark wax and if you use it right on top of the paint, it gives the colour a deeper tone. I used the AS dark wax over paint on my first paint project and it changed the colour of the paint (lesson learned), the MMS antiquing wax seems to just add depth.
That being said, for a piece you are trying to get the dark into deep grooves, I think I would still use the Annie Sloan dark wax because of its sticking properties.

 The boxwood colour is a little darker in person that the pictures. It sits right between the colour of the boxwood wreath and olive. It's perfect and not too bright.

I used this stool as a test dummy for a larger piece. I figure if I hated the paint or hated the colour, this small stool was way easier to fix.

I did not use the bonding agent on this stool because I wanted to get the feel for how this paint works first. It is exciting to see where the paint will chip but nervewracking for control freak people such as myself.


I almost always choose to do any "distress" sanding post wax. It seems to give a bit more control of the amount you remove.


I don't think I will be permanently switching to milk paint for all my projects, as it is definitely more of an "antique" look paint and the project has to warrant the look.
So would I use this paint again. You bet, I am headed out to my garage to do it right now.

Have a great day,



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some days I just shut the door......

I have been asked recently with recurring frequency how I have a clean house all the time and still manage to work, and do all my crazy diy projects.
Well firstly, (is that a word, I don't know sounds weird today) via the world of blogs and pinterest it is so easy to get into "the my house will never look like thats". It is also easy to forget that most people have fluffed and knife-chopped their pillows (I love a good chopped pillow) and have moved all their crap behind their tripod or stuffed it into their favourite closet.
Secondly, (agh, still sounds weird) I learned from a very early age from a lovely woman also known as my mother how to be extremely organized without having to think too much about it. I have to be thankful for this gift and realize that this skill plays a huge part in my personality to " GIT R DONE" ( a little Larry the Cable for you all)
 My brain gets in a rhythm and as long as I don't sit down (haha), and have music to listen to, I can just keep trucking along until my feet tell me to sit. Kind of goes back to the "Hammy the squirrel" syndrome I was talking about the other day. I also have a wonderful husband who gets my crazy brain and is supportive of almost every hare-brained idea I come up with. He also empties a mean dishwasher.
Yesterday I finished work at 7, came home, made dinner, yanked apart a  buffet I am prepping to paint, did 2 loads of laundry, put a first coat of paint on a dresser to organized my office, put a wax coat on a stool I was working on and then wrote a blog post. It was a good day that ended in sleep.

Then some days I shut the door.

and read a book instead. 

 Below is the current state of my office. Hence the need for the organizational dresser.
 It looks like a bomb went off in here. 

A blanket bomb.

While I realize these aren't the pretty posts I usually show, it is good for me to a) note that this means I need to schedule  this into my to-do list (probably tomorrow, hopefully.... maybe, my book is really good right now) and b)show it is ok to not live in a perfect home because guess what..... we live here.

This room is the center of most of my creating and while I don't paint in here (Trevor would kill me), this is where my crafting, sewing, and etsy running happens.
The dresser is hopefully going to combine a lot of this nightmare in one place. 

Although messy I hope everyone learns to love the space they live in and can live their best life possible. I am working on this statement myself as I can get a case of the green-eyed monster when looking at other blogs as well.

Have you seen Miss Mustard Seed's newly finished kitchen?

How about Home and Harmony's recently revealed main floor?

Have a lovely happy day,

Lots of reveals coming up. So super excited.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Rub n' Buff convert

There is a 2 part reason for my living under a gold rock.
1) I live in Canada
2)...nope that's it. Just 1.

I love this country, I love living here. I do not love the higher prices and not being able to find some of the amazing products I read about online.

Weathered gray Minwax stain.

Frozen pineapple juice.

Natural coloured solar lights.

Neutrogena skin toner, special kind with orange label.

Pepper Jack cheese.

and RUB N' BUFF.


I am fortunate to live in a border town and can make frequent trips over to get my weird necessities and hit up the Hobby Lobby like a crazy person.

If you have used this lovely product before then you know of its powers with drab furniture hardware. The china cabinet I just finished refinishing came with brass hardware that didn't get the greatest patina just kind of drab. I picked up a tube (or 2) of grecian gold and went to town.

This product could not be any easier to use. The name gives you the instruction. Rub it on with your finger (easiest method) or a rag, and then buff it off with a clean rag.

Befores of hardware:

still on the hunt for brass antique screws ( this product does not work on galvanized coated screws). you can see how dark the handles and knobs look in the pictures.


the halfway point and a comparison photo. the knob on the right has been buffed and the knob on the left is jealous.


 now don't misunderstand, i don't like shiny glaring brass at all like the light fixtures you see at home improvement stores. rub n' buff gives the handles a more golden patina without the shine of new handles.

 lovely! except the screws.

Have you used this amazing product?
Any other great uses for it you have seen?

Have a great day,



Savvy Southern Style 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY Botanicals

In the quest for greenery and the need to put some leftover reindeer away, I decided to use some of the leaves I have been pressing with my bookpress and make botanical art for our home. I collect interesting leaves wherever we go from walks to vacations and put them in a huge book in an antique bookpress in our living room. I remember everytime I picked up a book at my grandparents house, four leaf cloves wrapped in wax paper would flutter to the floor. I guess I picked up the habit.

This is not a very intense tutorial but mostly just some quick tips if you venture to make your own botanical art.

First up, choose your frames....
the reindeer in the gold frames doesn't really gallop along with the spring motif our house is currently sporting.
Next, I wanted a white fabric background for just a bit more depth than paper but you could easily use paper or add some colour with a great design fabric. When you are trying to put fabric in a frame as art it is floppy and won't stay put.
I use full size shipping labels stuck to the fabric and cut out to size.
Just stick and cut. No more floppy.
They come as a full 8.5 x 11 sheet and make standard 8 x 10 frames pretty easy.
The arch shaped frame many would pass up because of the awkward appearance, but it works great for stuff like this and they colour of this frame was too good to be true.

TIP: always keep the crazy couple picture or backing your frame comes with so you can use it to trace with for these kinds of projects

You can use spray adhesive or a regular Elmer's school glue to do awkward shaped frames.

Here we have a selection of dried leaves (these have all been pressed for about 2 months but you could probably get away with a few weeks.
I used scrapbooking photo splits to attach the leaves to the fabric. They are double sided tiny squares and hold without tearing the leaves if you put them in the wrong spot the first time.

the finished arch frame. i love how the leaves pick up the frame tones.
this piece found a home in my office. this is probably the only spot in the whole room not a disaster from projects, constant sewing and the store items.

The other pieces ended up back on their perch in the main floor bathroom.

see the sweet bird's nest in the tree. i have added in them in places they look natural.
 quirky i think

the big frame got a pressed maindenhair fern piece


the smaller frame is obviously not a botanical. i gave in to my love of owls and printed a new fabric print to carry us into the new seasons. he's just so wise, don't you think.
i used the same method as the reindeer from christmas time 
it only took 2 feeds through the printer this time, so my technique or wiles are improving. 

  i also made a moss wreath for our bathroom door. i'm still not totally convinced about the bird, bunny bunting but it's growing on me.

It will only be a matter of time before there is green outside to match the botanicals and moss inside.

Are you making anything great for spring?

Have a fantastic weekend,

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Do you remember the movie "Over the Hedge"? The one with the hyperactive squirrel who never sits down and talks a million miles a minute? When that movie came out, we were talking about it at a family dinner and it was implied by my aunt that my mother and I might share Hammy's syndrome. The talking thing was probably more directed at me than my mom.

Do you remember the movie "UP" where Dug the dog gets hopelessly distracted by the idea of a squirrel to chase?

SQUIRREL! ha, gets me everytime!

Little fact about my husband Trevor, he loves squirrels. Especially the black squirrels and announces their sightings likes a sportscaster.

It took me about 3 seconds to decide on the purchase of this pillow.
Those of you who follow along on Instagram got a sneak peek of this guy, so enjoy the more detailed look.

this is photography turned into a fabric pillow from the etsy shop
it has attracted a lot of attention from visitors and a lot of laughter. every space needs a little meaningful quirk.
this shop has wonderful customer service and many wonderful photos that can be 

right at home in my reading corner with a fresh spring vignette


SQUIRREL! see now you're laughing too.


and since we're already hanging out in this corner, might as well show you my spring bunny and branches


the clear glass fairy lamp was a recent thrifty find and gives the greatest glow at night. i have another in green. i feel a collection coming on.


i totally judged this book by its cover. can you believe that design. GORGEOUS! 2 buckeroos.

the sweater vase got the addition of some spring pussy willows and magnolia branches.

Have a happy Sunday,
my squirrel self is closet organizing. so cathartic.