Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter linens

Well here in the southern part of Ontario we got snowed in this weekend. Not as bad as some but worse than many others. We got just a bit more than a foot. Those pictures I see popping up on instagram and pinterest of people walking through their orange orchards and hydrangea bushes in Australia are starting to turn me green. And I am a snow lover.
I have been painting up a storm on some furniture redo's and doing a bit of crafting.

 The snow is definitely a pretty good excuse to stay in bed and read. I have found myself incapable of that even though I try with all my might. I keep thinking of things to do, should do and want to do. My dining room is really on my mind right now. Do I go with the white or green light for instance? You'll see soon I promise.
Speaking of reading, I am reading The Witness by Nora Roberts right now and it is a simple but interesting book. I do my best reading at 12 am. Night owl syndrome.

With the imminent brain stirring that keeps me from relaxing during the day, I decided to change my bed linens from the all white to a little pattern. I whipped out our West Elm paisley grey duvet coverlet, and replaced the sham on our large bolster pillow with a brown and white gingham.

I found a wonderful matellase (I keep coming across them, I swear they just find me) blanket for our top cover. These vintage linens are such a value for the money and have already seen the wash many times and stood up to the test of time. I don't know about you but I love that it has a story and it won't fall apart in the next year.

The furry bolster pillow is staying out for awhile yet. Spring is just around the corner though and I have to tell you, I am getting witchy winter fever. I swear I may need one of those light boxes.

just check out the fringe


I added a boxwood to the vignette in the bedroom for some life and "green". The book sitting on top of the leather bound book is an old chintz covered copy of Madame Bovary. I am reading it bit by bit to see what the fuss was about many years ago.

Did you get plowed with snow this weekend, and what did you enjoy doing?
Any great projects on the horizon?

Have a great night,


  1. I love how you made your bed...looks great!

  2. Oooh! Makes me want to crawl into bed. Super cozy!

  3. Lovely linens! Your vignettes are beautiful too!

  4. Hi Meg! This is so cozy! I am getting ready for a master bedroom redo and this gives me great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  5. BEAUTIFUL bed linens!! So warm and comfy looking. Found you thru Wow us. XO, Pinky

  6. Beautiful bedding! The whole thing looks great!

  7. Love this bed!!! So comfy looking ;) I'm your newest follower!
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  8. Cozy-makes me just want to jump right in- if that's okay! :)

    1. There's always room Laura. lol. Hope you don't mind sleeping with the dog though. :)

  9. fresh and cozy =)
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  10. Again - GORGEOUS! I love all the bedding! We certainly need it in this weather! ;)

  11. Beautiful bedding!!! I just found your blog and I'm reading backward!! I just wish ONE matelasse' bed cover would come on down south and find me!! I need to make a couple of shams, and I can't find any vintage coverlets of ANY kind :^(
    I am loving your blog....everything looks so cozy and warm.
    Thank you for all of the time you spend to share with folks like me.

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