Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Sneak Peek to Reveal

We are just hammering right along with our dining room update. We aren't quite finish so you only get a look at this corner right now. The walls have been painted to white. I himmed and hawed, looked at every grey paint chip out there because I was nervous to take the white jump. Every picture I pin practically has white walls, I wanted a lighter room. I finally just went and bought the paint and followed my gut. I LOVE IT! More on that later though. Today we look at our new old china cabinet. Instagram followers got more of a peek when I was doing the changeover from our old cabinet to this one.
I found this beauty on Kijiji and went to pick it up on one of the coldest nights this year. Our fingers were frozen and there was a whole lot of eye-rolling going on.

i was going for rustic glam i guess. I decided to leave the doors stripped wood, the inside is a beautiful white that looks amazing with the light inside that it came with on at night and the outside is a custom mixed grey. The stripped doors have a bit of washed grey in the crevices to give them an aged appearance. OCD I know but what can I say.

the before. there were wood trellis inserts in the doors and the hardware on the drawers needed to be changed out.  this baby is super solid though.
the best part is the bottom middle door panel actually opens so you don't have to reach around for your things inside of a fixed panel.


the inside is full of vintage goodness and our hoard of wineglasses.

the top of this cupboard showcases a part of our demijohn collection, a gilt mirror i fought for at our first farmhouse auction and a wine barrel serving tray that was a gift from my brother.


so green, so sparkly.


i left the cupboard with vintage brass hardware. i love the contrast and brass/gold seems to be a thing for me right now

the riddling rack was moved to this wall to add to the wood tones in the room


the bottom left side shows off the ironstone molds my in-laws got me for Christmas. the book in the center panel is actually a leather bound dictionary that is a whopping 7 inches thick. who says you can't have books in your dining room decor?


the paint formula:
inside top- 
1/2 pure white ascp
1/2 old white ascp
1/2 old white
1/2 country grey
1.5 tbsp olive
1/2 container paris grey sample pot (didn't measure the exact amount, and to redo I would have used the whole pot for a more grey initial finish)

after 2 coats, waxed with dark and clear soft wax. not too much dark as that wasn't the look i was going for. some distressing with sanding block was done after waxing.

after i did all this, as i stated above i would have liked a little bit greyer appearance so i would have added more grey ( and i did a sample board grrrrr) so i did a grey wash over everything wiping away as i went and i got the colour i was looking for.

the halfway point prior to any waxing.

I really enjoy painting furniture. This 3 toned piece was a bit more work than the previous pieces I have tried out and I would do it again. I love the wood doors and I love that they are just a bit different from the majority of painted furniture. A little patina-esque!

We are super close to being able to show-off the halfway point of our dining room. Done for now until antique season when I can hunt down a new industrial sideboard and larger harvest table.

See you soon,


  1. love the contrast. why not make the table? there are so many tutorials out there.

  2. I love this little corner of your dining room! The china cabinet looks great and I love your hoard of bottles!


  3. What a great find. You have done her up beautifully.

  4. LOVE! I can't believe how great this turned out! It's so much like the uber expensive bobo cabinets that I love but have no where for in my house! Such a great job - and it's styled impeccably! Quickly becoming a huge fan, of your blog and your instagram!
    Your US Friend, right across the border!

  5. You did a wonderful job styling this cabinet - I especially love your green glass collection. It looks great with the fantastic paint job.

  6. Replies
    1. i'm laughing a little bit but i get the confusion, olive annie sloan chalk paint not olive oil. have a wonderful night


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