Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Bird book page bunting

I did a little crafting this past weekend after I changed our bed linens.
I decided it was time to take down the evergreen wreath that was in the bathroom as it may be a bad luck charm with all the snow as of late.
I replaced it with a grapevine wreath and wanted to add a little something to it.
I already made a flag style bunting in our main floor bathroom update and thought because of my obsession with birds maybe they might look kinda cute.
I got over my previous glue gun-itis and made some bird bunting. 


 i added it with a felt moss green line string for some colour

Here's how I did it:
I found some nice birds by searching for "cutout bird" on the world wide web. lol
I made them bigger with my printer by doing a print preview and scale to 150%(they were really tiny)
I cut out the birds.
I glued book pages to cardstock for stiffness. [It seems everyone is using sheet music for these kind of things, and even though I was an avid piano player, i went rogue and used an old dictionary instead]
I traced the birds onto the book page/cardstock and cut them out.
I hot glued the felt and birds together.

gosh, i am officially crazy for boxwood. yell it from the rooftops.
i have a green thumb but when it gets to be outdoor season, between the indoor plants and outdoors plants i feel like the watering can is an extension of my arm. these babies are helping with that carpal tunnel .


including the new bird banner, there are 10 birds just in this bathroom. time to get out the bird seed.

Have a great day,


  1. Your wreath is beautiful! I love the sheet music birds!!!!!


  2. Cheer up , spring is just around the corner.
    The wreath looks beautiful.

  3. Love the way the book page birds stand out against the textures and colors of your wreath and the old wood boards. How pretty! And your gold pheasant is gorgeous on the silver tray! You really know how to mix things up to create beautiful vignettes.

  4. I love the birds! I'm crazy for boxwood too. ;)

  5. Hi Meg, I have just discovered your blog and am in love!!! You are truly a gifted decorator. I feel like I am paging through a better version of restoration hardware (my fave!!). I am so happy to have discovered you, your blog will be sure to always make me happy :-)

    1. oh my gosh Lisa, me too. I love their catalogue. Such inspiration to tweak your own way. Thanks for following along.

  6. Hi, I just love your bird garland, a fresh spin on all the paper projects I've seen. Thanks for sharing! Penny

  7. Consider this vignette (the soap, bird, boxwood, and silver tray) stolen. I have a little dry sink in my bathroom and I am constantly searching for ways to jazz it up a bit. You've inspired me ...


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