Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pinterest Roundup: January 2013

Holy moly, we are already broaching month number 2 of this crazy year.
I am getting set to do a decor reno on our dining room amongst all the other madness around here, so I have been pinning away with inspiration. Check out my dining room resto board to get a glimpse.

Here is some of those ideas and some other greatness I have come across:

i love this dining table from Restoration Hardware. We are looking for a larger table than our current one and a farmhouse harvest style. this kitchen is awesome too, definitely worth a long look.

totally crushing on this light fixture. it may pull me away from my basket.

the colour of this hutch is fabulous

oh this table is perfect. love it paired with white chairs. not these in our home obviously but you get the picture

gorgeous green, white and aged brass in this bedroom

very pretty front hall with amazing sideboard

this bathroom remodel is fantastic. green vintage glass and lots of brass accessories

just made these little scrumptiousness'  (i know that's not a word, don't judge) with peanut butter and honey and they did not last long! darn Trevor!

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  1. What lovely eye candy! So many beautiful things to look at on pinterest :)


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