Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration: December 2012

Happy 2013!

Well New Years' has passed and the Christmas decor has almost all come down. I have never been a huge fan of New Years, as Christmas is my thing. It always seems like a lot of hoopla (yes I said hoopla) for people to get dressed up and make resolutions they fully intend to break within 1 week. The gyms are packed for a month making wait times where there used to be none. enh! I guess I'm the New Years grinch.

It makes me sad to put away all the glitz and glamour but, at the same time refreshing in a simple way. 
 I promise to share when I get all my crap together.

While we wait though, how about some inspiration from the world of Pinterest,

this coffee bar has some "je ne sait quoi"
it's rustic and pretty at the same time. wish i had the room.

Source: potterybarn.com via Meg on Pinterest

these new mercury glass vases from pottery barn are calling me. they're green. love love

this dining room hutch is beautiful with the oil painting on top.
a little bit of black in a white room world

oh miss mustard seed, how i adore thee. such a simple home but beautiful in it's own right. the green is right up my alley. i'm not sure who i want to meet more, miss mustard seed or sarah richardson. probably marion, then i could pick her brain about painting and business too.

anyone know where to find a cow for the counter?

you really need to check out this bedroom makeover. it is timeless and stunning. and diy-able!


i had to add this because it could've happened after i read this. have yourself a laugh today, it'll make you feel better.

Have a wonderful day,


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  1. These green mercury glass vases are gorgeous!

    I have one resolution for this year: to be happy :) So simple, so difficult :)


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